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Friday, 21 July 2017

The Perfect Martini

I am hopping mad at Mad Jack! Lookit how he pooped in the comments of my scientific hate graph post! A matini? A martini?!?!? Who does he think he is??? WL Emery?

Welp. Some people shoot Glocks and some fellas drink....martinis.

I would like to get snobbish and sophisticated about the dram of Black Bull I am having before bed, but why bother? Everyone knows I will drink whatever's in the jerry can or radiator - and I've been known to siphon the old style photocopiers back in the good old days, HAR HAR HAR! 


It's Friday night, the dogs are walked, tomorrow's ammo's been made and if you are having a martini so be it - you're allowed and you earned it! I will just leave this helpful tip on making the perfect martini - and then hit the hay. As always - thanks for stopping by!

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