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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The Revolt Has Begun

I'm seeing it everywhere. It used to be that every time some vibrant idiot or progtard got into it with a rational adult, they could shut them down by calling them racists/homophobes/sexists or some other politically incorrect label. That stopped working about a year ago and Donald Trump was elected in the States. Up here in Canada, the very liberal Turdo La Doo has cut the throat of his own party by celebrating diversity with a $10.5 million dollar pay out to a convicted terrorist - this, while the vets from that conflict battle with poverty and injuries suffered in that conflict. Everywhere progs and liberals are telling people to shut up or be called names - and getting slapped across the gob and told to shut it themselves.


"The reason American Progressives endlessly talk about institutional racism, for example, is it is the only acceptable answer for why blacks perform so poorly compared to other groups. To consider anything else runs counter to accepted dogma."

Listen to that idiot. Funny how discriminating against stupidity and incompetence has become racist, inninit? Yannow I hated teachers as a kid and despise them even more as an adult. I have a brother in law in public teaching and he is representative of what's wrong with out teachers just as this black baboon is: the kids are smarter than they are and they know it. Somebody needs to sit down with these clucky women and explain to them that the kids have raised political issues, not racial ones. And - dear God - somebody needs to sit down with those kids and engage them.

Not even our kids are buying the multi-culti bullshit anymore. When I was a kid the message from minorities and women was this: "Give us a fair shot. We are as good as you and deserve a level playing field..."

Today the message is "We can't do as good as you because you discriminate against us and make us feel bad..." Now they want undeserved special treatment and expect us to overlook their honest shortcomings and problems. And the shaming doesn't work anymore. Our kids are demanding answers now. Pardon me, our grandkids. Or great-grandkids. The millennials are a bunch of snowflakes and fairies that can't think for themselves for a second ... but these kids have a clue by the look of it.

Interesting times await. Violence at this point is entirely probable. And avoidable.


  1. any pendulum in motion eventually swings back.
    gives one hope that there may be improvement somewhere along the arc.