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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Vagining Out With The CTV


I made it one minute and change - and then had to shut it off! It was that, or cut my wrists. I ain't lyin' - I can remember hearing girls talk like that as far back as grade 7 ... and thinking they were idiots then too! I've heard my Mother talk like that and she's in her 60's. Do women ever grow up?

For you boys - sorry ya had to see that. Here is something worthwhile to watch. Used to be you could get quality programming like that on CTV too. But the world's moved on, and I'm none to sorry to watch it go, sometimes. Let's drink some beer and burn some meat, fellas:

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  1. Y'know, Glen, I'm 56, give or take a sawbuck, and until about two months ago, I'd never heard of the Red Green show. Now I've heard it referenced in three times in the last month. He would have done well here in the home of land of the fee/home of the slave. 'Never too late for a laugh, I guess.

    The part about the "special pickup day;" damn, does that bring back memories! When I was a kid, that day was Wednesday. I was out there on my bike, early in the morning, every Wednesday. I kept myself in TV's, radios, bicycles, lawn mowers, and whatever. I even found two working outboard motors! Ahh, those were the days... Good times! They don't do that anymore where I live; too many welfare bums and illegal immigrants in the town. They would come through on the bulk pickup days and tear the boxes and bags apart, looking for scrap metal. Now we have to call for a special pickup. I wonder what an enterprising, resourceful, "less moneyed" kid keeps himself in TV's radios, bicycles, lawn mowers, and outboard motors these days. America used to be such a great place to live...

    And yes, in my day, I would have indeed loved to have had that van...