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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Wedding Arrangements

As the disappointed father of a militant lesbian millennial 
a marriage like this doesn't look so bad, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

What a fugged up world. It's fine n' dandy for us to laugh at a pic like that, but then I'm supposed to be somber and serious about a couple a fuggin queers getting "married". GAH. As for these ladies, I would admonish them and remind them that guns come in colours now (even queers can find their preferred frooty colour of the rainbow). For the bride, I see a nicely appointed M25 in snow camo. For the bridesmaids - an elegant black AR15 would set them off and serve to highlight the bride.

Yannow, maybe I'll just turn this one over to A-house for a more scholarly treatise on the subject! I am clearly out of my depth here.

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