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Sunday, 2 July 2017

When I Was This Guy's Age

When I was this kid's age I was selling microprocessor PID controllers for anywhere between $900.00~$1200.00 Canukistani. Today I'm buying PID flight controllers for my Crapcopters for about forty bucks. And they are light years more advanced than the crap I was selling back in the 90's.

My Crapcopter Drone runs on a Flip 32 OMNIBUS flight controller with the F3 coprocessor. The scan times are measured in microseconds. What this means is that machine error is literally factored out. When Crapcopters crash, it is strictly and solely the fault of the human animal. These tiny machines that were impossible 5 short years ago - are now thinking and reacting so fast that the millions of control variables are sensed, processed, and countered so fast that even aerobats like this kid can't push them hard enough to spoof their algorithms. Unless you have a programming/aeronautical/electronics background - you cannot appreciate the significance of this.

JC was killed in a motorcycle accident the other day. I had swapped a few messages and emails with this kid and he tried to bring me into the 21'st century of digital fundamentals. He did well enough that I was able to program and fly my own Crapcopter. It still flies like a hot damn. I spent three WEEKS just trying to get the damned computer to talk to the flight controller. JC had me up and running with a few kind words. I think I heard somewhere on YouTube that he was 28. He was a war vet, with marital problems and some other issues.

Electronic engineer. Computer engineer. Aeronaut. Some kid on the internet. See ya in the next life kid -SIR - maybe I will be able to buy you a beer.

In the meantime, those of us left behind will keep pushing the boundaries and some of us - a brave few - will go beyond them.

Godspeed, JC.

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