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Monday, 31 July 2017

When The World Was A Bigger Place

Imagine the excitement.
World famous author, adventurer and man about town -
WL Emery is on board with his expeditionary team.
Flying the aircraft is the shady and untrustworthy Captain Filthie. Mercenaries
BW Bandy and Wirecutter will provide for the security of the expedition with
their Mauser rifles and sharp hunting knives.
Rounding out the entourage will be a couple of buxom, flawlessly made up
bimbos. I see a couple red heads and a blonde.

Barak Obama and Al Sharpton are along to hump equipment and gear,
translate for the natives, and shine shoes.

The story writes itself...


  1. WLE: "Hey, the fuel gauge is on 'E'. I think we're late for a pit stop, Captain Filthie!
    Filthie: "That's the compass."

  2. ...and I want to hear the Ayatollah Obongo singing happy native songs as he and Al manage the porters - ex-BLM members and the like.

  3. Stop that!

    This is supposed to be a swashbuckling adventure yarn!!! :)