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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Your First Centrefire Pistol

Awhile back we all agreed your first centrefire rifle should be one of these - especially you Yanks that have more sensible gun control than we do up here in Canada.

The reason the military and law enforcement
go for these rifles and carbines is that 99% of their personnel will be able to
use them effectively. They are a good 'fit'.
Indeed - it's hard to go wrong with the AR15.

Which brings us to your first centrefire handgun. or pistol. Your first pistol should be a G- KAFFF! HACKAFFFFF! RETCH!!!!GAH!!!!

Sorry about that everyone! *Ahem* Your first handgun should be a Gl....ggggyaaaaaaaavchtcht!! Oh dear gawd - I need a drink! I see WL has passed out and foolishly left his gin unguarded - please excuse me for a sec.... glit glit glit glit glit....BEEEEEEEEECH! Glit glit glit....

Ahhhhhhhh.... what is this chit?

Now that I've steadied my nerves and fortified myself and washed the taste of chit out of my mouth... your first handgun should be a Glock. There - I said it!!! I know what you're thinking: "Filthie, you ass hat! None of the cool kids are shooting 9mm! Even a putz like you shoots .45...!" Fact is I own four .45's. Two 1911 45 ACP's, one HK USP .45 and a fine Ruger revolver that will shoot 45 Colt and .45ACP in full moon clips. But never mind all that - this is one of those do as I say and not what I do things. If you are just starting out, and you want to get off to a good start - buy the damned Glock. And yes, 9mm.

But - you can beat the hell out of these things and they'll work every time.
They are rightly famed for their reliability.

Contrary to the cool kids in the real world the 9mm is almost exactly the ballistic duplicate of the 45 ACP. I know the old hands will tell ya the .45 is better... and they're full of shit. Years ago some dude did a study of all firefights in the US and noted the calibres used in gun fights that ended in one-shot stops. The 45 and 9mm are almost exactly the same. Ballistics seldom match real world results.

While the Glock is uglier than Filthie's butt, it is robust and reliable as hell and offers superior capacity to the .45. That may be important in a fire fight. More important to stubfarts and gun club duffers like us though is that ammo is CHEAP. Furthermore, if you reload, most 9mm people don't pick up their brass so you can move in and hog it away and nobody will give a damn! Even cheaper ammo! And that in turn means more trigger time! And that is a huge advantage for this pistol. Something else to consider is that you can aftermarket the chit out of this gun the same way you can for an AR15!

Okay, maybe a little heavy on the bling - but Agency Arms
are doing wonderful things with Glock.
Now you have accuracy AND reliability.
This is possibly the most advanced pistol on the market today.

Like the AR the Glock can grow with you as your skills and preferences evolve. I am more a traditionalist and a purist, so I worship at the altar of St. Browning and St. Cooper and shoot God's calibre handguns. But, if I were headed into a firefight where my fat arse might hinge on the outcome? I would hope like hell the bad guys weren't shooting back with Glocks. I am strongly tempted by the Agency Arms rendition of the Glock... but I have too many damn guns already.

If you don't own a handgun - for cripe's sake, get in the game! You are missing out on a pile of fun in addition to compromising your state of readiness.


  1. The .45 is better than the 9mm, and that was my last bottle of Bombay you ruined, you gin slurping Glock owner!

    Contrary to established scientific evidence, Filthie's right about the Glock. I don't own one, but the next handgun I buy will be a Glock (I'm saving up) and for very good reasons. It's the simplest autoloader on the planet. It has a polymer 2 body which is proof against almost anything and will never rust out. Most Glocks come with the three dot sight system in place so you don't have to buy one, and that three dot system enables even a schmuck like Filthie to shoot beer cans off the head of darn near anyone who will stand for it. Finally, it's dead simple to operate and has no safety - the safety is between the shooter's ears, right where it belongs.

    I own a .45 Springfield V16 for range time, and I keep two .357 revolvers in the nightstand for emergencies. The second revolver is known in some circles as a Tennessee reload - you just pick up a second loaded gun.

    The downside is that your Glock will never be a barbecue gun or a court gun, and if you have to ask what those are go find someone else with the patience to explain it to you. The Glock really is the ugliest handgun in the world today. But don't let that slow you down.

    Click on the link and watch as Lee Paige gives a lecture on the Glock 40, professionalism, and gun safety.

    1. Spot on as usual, WL. And just to make up for that lighter fluid I drank - you may base the next peerless gun fighter in your next novel on Yours Truly - I promise not to sue for character infringement.

      I am green with envy about that Springfield. I have their Target Match pistol and absolutely love it. The problem I have is that my HK USP shoots as well or better... but it's almost as ugly as a Glock.

      The study I saw about gunfights producing one shot stops pegged the 9mm at around 49% and the ,45ACP at around 52%. Since most statistical studies carry a margin of error of +/-3%, 19 times out of 20 - for me the two calibres are neck and neck. Of far more importance is bullet construction and performance. If you loaded them both to the balls and fired them at live targets I suspect very little will change... but who can say.

      I like the 45 because its big bullets and low velocities are conducive to shooting with cheap cast lead. (That, and of course, peer pressure because the cool kids like WL Emery are using 45's!"