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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Adios Glen...

Guess he passed away the other day. He was always playing in the background when I was a wee gaffer, when everyone's parents smoked, there was always a game of road hockey going on, and kids could still play as kids, unconcerned with neurotic, politically correct helicopter parents armed with Ritalin.

I guess a lot of Viet Nam vets identified with this song. I still remember my libtard mother - she had left a copy of TIME magazine on the coffee table and of course - I pounced on it and read it cover to cover. The boys in the Viet Nam theatre had just razed some Viet Cong stronghold and some gook ended up with his head pasted to the front of a tank - and I remember screaming to Mom "I want to go to Viet Nam!!! I'm gonna kill some dinks...!!!!" And of course I got the Jane Fonda/Alan Alda lecture about the military, Republicans, etc... and I concluded that as far as politics went, Mom was full a shit! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Runs in the family I guess. God's speed Glen.

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