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Sunday, 6 August 2017

An Alternatively Fuelled Sailor Man

Yesterday I was sprawled across the ammo cans n' sandbags in the dungeons of Castello Di La Filthie reading the iPad and looking for trouble! And Lord Almighty - I quickly found it! The Agents Of Satan have taken CW Swanson over at the Daily Timewaster:

Oh jeez...

I bellowed for my wife at the top of my lungs and she scrambled to my side and was mildly perplexed because she expected to find a disaster or something. But - when I showed her the pic she quickly understood the cause for urgency! She is a genius too - and quickly found the recipe on the internet and went to work. 

Good Lord - she made some thin sliced garlic bread to go with it and I couldn't stop gobbling!

Now I can't stop farting!!! I knew that before I muckled into the beans. The old lady has been stepping on squeaky floor boards ever since and I have been chitting my pants at decibel levels that approach that of a 747 winding up for take off! HAR HAR HAR! The dogs were mewling and whining for mercy awhile back but I think they're both dead now!!!

I'm strongly convinced that beans are indeed a magical fruit. Next time I am out by the teeter totters getting pounded by WL or BW... I just might reach into my shirt, pull out a can a these beans, slam the lot - and punch 'em right back with some Bean Powered muscle! 

HUKYUKYUKYUK! Think I need some gas for me ass...

I'll be sitting in the back trying not to chit the chapel today. You have yourselves a great Sunday - and try these beans! They are highly recommended!

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