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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

And Ya Fly Like One Too...

If you're like me ya tend to think of fighter planes as if they're aerobats. I grew up on stuff like Baa Baa Blacksheep and read the yarns and twaddle put out by gas bags and blowhards. But - in point of fact, I doubt if any fighter plane going would be able to down a real airshow aerobat. An aerobat will have a power to weight ratio that will leave the big warbirds sucking swamp water. And they can outmaneuver them 6 ways to Sunday especially at low speeds.

You get a taste of that even at the R/C model scale. You don't float the warbirds in like you do with the trainers or the aerobats - they land hot and fast and stall at high speeds comparatively speaking. It has to be even worse for pilots of the real thing - they are loaded up with armament and armour and the A10 is even more so than most. I will always remember that clip from Tehran when a ground to air missile was fired at one of these - the pilot slowly rolled the pig onto a wing tip, hauled back to pull it in to a very tight turn and started popping flares. The missile didn't go for either him or the flares and missed him by a hair!

The hotshots in the fast movers get all the fame and glory but if you ask me the bravest of the lot are the pilots that fly pigs like this, or abominations like the V22 Osprey.

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