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Friday, 11 August 2017

Fall Blogger Hot Rod Show N' Shine...

At the tail end of every summer they have a hotrod show n' shine in the big church parking lot across the street. It's quite the big shindig - it's free, they bring in bands and DJ's and the owners turn the place into a temporary Thunder Road. Me and my fellow bloggers fully plan on attending this year too! It just wouldn't be fall without a shaker like that to mark the passing of the season!

Stackz O Mags is driving this pickle green little chick magnet. Only thing round 
that would be greener n' that would be General Patton's envy, HAR HAR HAR!

Hmpffff. BW seems to have gone steam-punk
this year.
I wouldn't get too close to that one if I were you...

And of course, the rest of us from Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys & Retards 
will be there too!

I've hardly turned a wheel on the motorcycle this year. I was either camping, out at the range or doing chores and I haven't had time except for a few short trips. Might head out tomorrow on a shortie to blow the carbon and cobwebs out of the engine. 

Whatever your ride is - shine 'er up and go for a burn and show her off! It's Friday! Take the weekend off and tell the boss I said it was okay.

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