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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Filthie's Fauna

"Fauna" means 'plants'. Betcha didn't know I was edjyacated didjya?

Lookit these little buggers. They aren't happy to grow in the flower bed
like normal flowers.
Obviously plants are as capable of producing retards 
as humans are.

The wife's flowers grow everywhere and she is the type of woman that will let the weeds grow like mad as long as there is a flower in the midst of them. I am the type of man that will take a weed whacker to the lot and hit them with Round Up or napalm afterward just to put "paid" to the weeds. I'm serious about the napalm too - Lee Valley had this tiger-torch gizmo expressly for torching weeds. I was forbidden to buy it by the wife and neighbours because of my obvious psychological problems and because my threat potential was already maxxed out because of all the guns I own. Dammit.

For awhile there Lee Valley was selling this awesome gizmo that electronically targeted the cats that love to shit in flower beds: it ran off a 2L of water and when the cat showed up to do his business - it locked on and hosed him down! HAR HAR HAR! Of course, I would take that thing to work right now, and bait it with Tim Hortons coffee and dog nuts and watch my coworkers drown themselves!

I figgered I'd take a pic because summer's just about over here at Castello Di La Filthie. We got another week or two and then it will be too cold for shorts n' sandals on morning Dawg Patrol. I already saw some yellow autumn leaves yesterday.

It's been a good summer; I got out to the range several times a week and my shooting is coming back; everyone is employed and we still have money coming in (for now) - and we even got out in our new little A-frame camp trailer a couple times. I'm starting to feel at home in the wife's church, and my dawgs are both healthy and hale. But I think I'm ready for fall. I might even go out and see if I can't pot a deer during the hunting season. 

As always, our future is in front of us - and it beckons! Have a great Hump Day!


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