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Friday, 11 August 2017

Pete Is In A Tizzy...

... and clutching at his pearls, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

I shouldn't laugh at Pete; a lot of people are afraid of these drones but that fear is even less founded than that of an armed citizenry. I helpfully pooped in the comments to try and set Pete's mind at ease but I can imagine his state of mind. When we have to deal with 7th century savages in control of 21st century technology all kinds of devils and demons come to the fore - and can leave one gun shy and jumping at shadows.

The only real legitimate worry you have as a private citizen is invasion of privacy. And if you want to risk a $1500.00 drone to get pics of Wirecutter nude sun bathing in his back yard - that's on you. I hear he's a passable wing shot with a 12 bore so anything that happens to your investment is on you.

This thing is typical of the capability of most hobby drones.
To make one of these into a plane killer would require very, very special equipment - 
and even then a shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile would make far better sense.

Although my evil Minions would be pleased as punch at the thought of scaring a military man like Pete chitless - in the real world, they are harmless clowns and their ride is a harmless toy. 

Now - if we are talking about a battlefield deployment where all I need to know is where the bad guys are hiding and what kind of equipment they're packing... these may have limited merit. But other than that they are mere educational toys and the perfect fit for fathers and sons and maybe even mothers and daughters if they are so inclined.

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  1. pics of Wirecutter nude sun bathing in his back yard...

    That's an image I really needed this morning. My stomach is trying to issue my breakfast a 'return to sender', and the rest of me wants a shot to calm my nerves.