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Friday, 11 August 2017

Talk Shows

When we got our first house our in laws decided they wanted to live in the Park close to us and to their son in Aaaaadmontin – they were relocating back here from BC. While their new McMansion was being built – they lived with us. Living with in laws is tough even at the best of times and I spent a lot of my time trying to keep them at arm’s length and out of our affairs, and gritting my teeth at their intrusions and meddling. One of the things that set my teeth to grinding was coming home after work, and finding those assholes glued to my television – watching Orca Winfrey and Dr. Phil. Dear gawd – they thought that stunned bint walked on water and I can remember heading down to my shop and firing up my pipe or a smelly cigar in the house just to piss them off – while Orca prattled upstairs about her ‘vajayjay’ or some goddamned thing. Listening to them bitch about my smoking was preferable to listening to what Orca and her clot headed cnuts and sob sisters had to say.

People talk about how the media has recently cut it’s own throat but it goes back even further. I remember vowing as a young man, back in the 80’s, that if I ever met Phil Donahue I would spit in his eye. That idiot spent more time interviewing himself than his ‘guests’ or ‘experts’ and I quickly learned to change the channel or turn the damned TV off when he came on. The man was a non-stop insult to the intelligence just the same as Orca and Dr. Phil were. He was skilled at provoking people, interrupting them, and making them look like idiots as they fought to control their anger at his accusations and insinuations. He always demolished his 'guests' as they fought to be civil with him and he treated them like shit.

If you keep kicking, taunting, goading and tormenting a dog – he’s gonna get mean. Eventually he’s gonna turn around and bite your ass – and that has happened now several times with the media, where idiot “journalists” get spanked and everyone applauds.

Recently it was a fad for leftist morons to decry how 'uncivilized' things had become and point at firebrands like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh as examples. Of course today's standards those guys are tame. I never saw much in them myself - sure, they're conservative like I am - but in away that is only leftist propaganda in reverse. Really - some of it was no better than the crap idiots like Phil Donahue shovelled by the metric tonne.
Recently I stumbled across the Z Man.
What a treat. It's all I can say. I don't do podcasts because too many of them are much like Beck or Limbaugh - sneering, angry and derisive and it instills the same mentality in me - and then all you have is a bunch of people with their danders up calling each other names, swapping memes and all the rest of the bullshit that goes along with it when people fight. But Z's stuff is worth the listen. He's an excellent speaker.
The Z Man has achieved a state of spiritual perfection when it comes to political issues; he addresses them objectively, calmly and rationally - with just a hint of snark and mild ridicule for people that deserve much, much more than that. When a man like that says that Hillary Clinton belongs in a just seems to carry more weight than when guys like Limbaugh or Filthie bay for her blood and want her burned alive at the stake.
He's got a podcast up now and it is highly recommended. If you want to listen to intelligent commentary in a day and age where it is almost impossible to find - the Z Man won't let you down.


  1. "Oprah? I remember her," said Uncle Hant reflectively. "Looks like five hundred pounds of bear liver in a plastic bag?"

    Hant don’t actually exist. He’s a Literary Device. We got lots of them in West Virginia. Mostly you find them in damp spots in the woods.
    courtesy of Fred Reed, and used without permission.

    While I was growing up, we lived on the same horse farm as my paternal grandparents, and it's the worst mistake my mother ever allowed my father to make. By the time I was ten years old I knew, beyond the shadow of any doubt, that just as soon as a young couple ties the knot and makes it legal, they should move to China or someplace for the next 5 or more years, then decide about moving back. In five years time the couple should have decided who sleeps on which side of the bed, who does what around the house, and how not to push the other one's big red buttons, thus bringing about WWIII. They should also be able to discuss how to handle his folks and her folks, his family and her family, his low life beer swilling bar fly palls and her tea sipping, condescending, pseudo intellectual 'girls'. Other important things get decided too, like girls night out and titty bars.

    After all this has been hashed out, they can then go back and confront the in-laws and other relatives. And that will be that.

    1. Is that the farm you wrote about on your blog, WL?

      And as for the rest of it - spot on. Hindsight is 20/20...

    2. In point of fact, it is. There were advantages, but there were also problems, some of which never did get solved.