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Sunday, 13 August 2017

We Are All Fascists Now

I remember when Obutthole won his first election. Turd brains across America creamed their jeans because America had finally elected a socialist and put him in the Whitehouse.

I used to be something of a political junky and figured I should give Obama a fair shot and read one of his books to get a better sense of the man. I got about a third of the way into one of his books and then just threw it in the trash. I realized that he was your typical black baboon that looked at everything in terms of race; and I also realized the man wasn't that bright. Hell, it was so obvious and although I didn't realize it at the time - I was starting to become a cynic or a skeptic. 

Uncle Bob was firmly convinced that the Bushes (George Sr. and Dubya) were easily both as dumb as Barkie; I personally can attest otherwise. Both those men were aviators and it doesn't matter what your last name is - if you are an imbecile the military won't put you in control of an aircraft costing millions. They can't afford it. (I am not saying that being aviators qualified them to lead a nation, I am saying those men were intellectual giants compared to Obama, and though they weren't whiz kids, they weren't dummies either).

Bob also was convinced the both the Bushes and the Clintons were 'crime families' in the manner of the Italian Mafiosos and I disagreed with him on that as well. The fact of the matter was that although the Bushes and the Clintons were brighter bulbs than the Obamas ... they weren't that bright. Crime bosses are usually pretty shrewd cookies. They have to evade the law. They have to know which wheels to grease and which palms to cross with silver. They have to be able to see traitors and saboteurs. That isn't the world of the fighter pilot. Consider the Clintons: Bill couldn't even keep it in his pants. Hillary? Pbbfbfbffftttt! That cunned stunt couldn't keep her emails private from a 14 year old hacker. While the Clintons ARE crooks, neither of those assholes could stay out of prison in the real world ... unless somebody very powerful was keeping them out. Ditto for Obama - men as dull and clueless as he is usually shine shoes and empty spittoons in cat houses. It's even worse up here in Canada: our own prime minister, Justine Turdo La Doo... was a substitute drama teacher before he got into politics. He's got the intellect of a 14 year old boy. 

They are working for someone. I won't hazard a guess as to who, that kind of stuff's over and above my pay grade. Evil joos? A secret cabal of corporate jillionaires? Good grief - I am going to need my own tin foil hat soon! All I know is that we are being played and the press/media is in on it. Also, there's a helluva lot of Nazis around these days, and it's just fine to punch them out, harass them and undermine them in private and in public. The Fourth Reich could burst into existence any second now - were it not for our Marxist friends willing to look out for the common good and protect all these marginal, defenseless minorities, ethnics and vibrants. Fascists are everywhere, but the evidence to convict them seems to be infuriatingly difficult to lay hands on... and for now, accusations of fascism will have to do!

Pull my other finger! It has bells on it.

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