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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Where Does The Time Go

Some of you Yanks get tornadoes all the time but for us up here in Edmonton - not so much.

30 years ago this beast went ripping through Aaaaaaaaadmontin and has left the worry-warts filling their diapers every time a summer storm blows up. My wife and daughter watched that one go waltzing through town a mere 1/4 mile away.

I was working at a shitty sweatshop job as a 23 year old, trying to make ends meet with a crappy job, a tyrant of a supervisor and coworkers that, shall we say, were from the most vibrant of ethnic cultures. I think the event lasted not much more than 10 or 15 minutes. We lost power in the shop in the west end, the phones went out and I just packed up my tools and left - I wanted to get home and make sure my family was all right. The manager tried to stop me but I just walked around him - and everyone else was right behind me. I could still hear that jack ass threatening employees for 'walking off the job'. I still get mad when I think about that fuck head 30 years later!

Traffic gridlocked but I had a motorcycle and I just drove around the parked cars. When I got across the Whitemud I went up over the curb, down a hill into a park and then out to a less-clogged secondary road - and from there I went home.

With the confidence of the young and stupid I knew my family would be alright. The wife is a smart cookie and she would have been in the basement with supplies in a thrice. No doubt she could last long enough for me to dig her out and then some.

But the tornado missed our little clump of townhouses, and went instead through a trailer park and into an industrial tank farm.

What a different time it was! I still had hair, my Grandma was still alive, my daughter was only mildly disturbed, and my wife was pretty and slim. (The older and fatter n' uglier I get, the more I notice how beautiful young people are. I smile when I see pretty moms with their strapping young men and their toddlers now...).

The world moves on, and even tornadoes are eventually forgotten.


  1. Good Post Filthie! You keep this up I may have to join again!

  2. Where is the jackass today? Retired or dead?