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Saturday, 30 September 2017

How To Speak Irish

And if ya want further lessons, 
(I would only go there if ye'll be lookin for a friend or a fight).

What Will You Do When YOUR Arse Is On The Line?

As a kid I always wondered. Back then there were still a lot of WW2 vets around. My wife's grandfather hit the beaches on D-Day with a bunch of other kids of his generation.  I assume he was thrown into the meat grinder on Juno but I never got anything out of him and didn't ask him too much about it. Apparently he was a medic and he would start to shake when he talked about it - so I didn't want to pry. But I thought of those kids jumping off the landing barges - and charging the beach under mortar and machine gun fire... and I wondered if I would have the stones to do something like that if ever I was called on to do so. Would I be a champ like our vets were, or would I gobble in fright, curl up in a ball and suck my thumb like a coward? Unless and until ya face The Reaper ya never really know.

I've looked death in the eye twice and both times I just did my best and crossed my fingers. When my ultralight engine crapped out on take off years ago, I had to choose between landing in a crop of standing canola, or a sewage lagoon. I chose the canola. All I could hear was the wind in the wires and perhaps the echoes of bagpipes blowing Danny Boy. I hauled my control bar in, traded altitude for speed - and flew my little bird in hard and fast - if ultralights can be considered fast...

I probly hit that canola at 30 knots or so, did about three arse-over-tea-kettles ... and crawled out from under the wreckage without a scratch. I walked over to a barb wire fence, collapsed from an adrenaline high,  leaned back against a fence post... and laughed. Somewhere the devil, Darwin and Murphy cursed. But by God Almighty - I flew that bird like a champ and did a text book controlled crash. A lot of people get hurt or killed when that happens. Maybe I could have hit the beaches like The Greatest Generation did? I would like to think so.

I think my courage still holds. Is courage something that stays with you or does it decline in your old age? One part of me thinks so; I was having some chest pains awhile back and I thought I might be having a Big One... and I just looked up at the sky and thought is wouldn't be a bad day to cash out on. Maybe it was heartburn or acid reflux or some damn thing ... but at the time I didn't know and wasn't scared one bit. A couple weeks later some fuggin packie in a Lexus pulled out in front of me and I almost tee-boned him - and I nearly shat my pants! So who knows?

I pray to my Maker that when my time comes I have the courage to die well. The time comes for all of us I suppose. Yannow what?  May YOU face your Maker with a clear conscience, and a cheeky smirk or grin - and may you be greeted by angels that sound like this when your time comes.

Those of you of character and worth are set.

The rest of us will do the best 
we can.

...Or Else!!!

Not exactly. The computer can't goon ya with a rolling pin or a fry pan, 

African-American Studies 101

Supposedly white cops hate blacks and want to kill them.
Can't imagine why...


I yam still in tears. Yesterday my retarded school kids got confused by
a blaze orange garbage truck and boarded it while I brought the short bus round.... Who knows where they are now?
I think this one is BW in the early years...sob...!

It's Because You're A Bitch, Sweetie...

I don't buy it.

My wife is smarter than I am, hands down. She picks stuff up faster than I do and can multi-task more things than I can. There are times when she has some task figured out, the best way to go at it, and what is needed for it - while I am still pondering on it. Sometimes I just frustrated and tell her to STFU while I chug through the problems to arrive at the same conclusions because I am one of those guys that has to think for himself and if it takes me longer to do it - so what? My wife is awesome because she'll just sit back, smell the flowers and wait for me to catch up. Our pattern is - she will pick up a new skill far faster than I will. When we were kids she was a better archery shot and easily my equal with guns - but nowadays she's nowhere close. I can seem to refine skills a bit better than she can.

My mother is smarter than me too. Hell, she's smarter than Big Bro and Pop. But she runs on emotions and then turns her intellect on to back up those emotions - and all kinds of ass-hattery results. She's a liberal and figures guns are bad and should all be banned - and she'll spout the same bullshit you hear from any other liberal moron and all ya can do to shut her up is to tell her to get stuffed! She bought Warble Gloaming, and thinks Donald Trump is going to start a war or hang the queers or put niggers in chains again - whatever. I think the polite way to say it is that 'she's intellectually dishonest'. I dunno what Pop saw in her, but he had a grade 10 education and she had a high school diploma. In those days, men could quit school early, go get a trade and then make a middle class living. A high school diploma was still a coveted credential too. Mom is smarter than Pop and they get along great.

I dunno what happened with my daughter. My internet detractors often laugh and mock me because I wanted my daughter to go to school and make something of herself, and she did! She's a militant lesbian social justice warrior with a useless art degree and a very creepy girlfriend. She's smarter than that, but when her intellect and emotions collide, the emotions win hands down everytime. A lot of the outhouse experts agree that sending women on to university and college is a waste of time and will have an adverse effect on them. My daughter would certainly support that hypothesis.

For my two cents I think it's a classic case of people knowing what they want, and not what they actually need. I get it all the time on the job: the customer phones up and says he wants a Cadillac with all the options - and all he needs is a Hyundoo chit box. Women need homes and families - not flashy careers and job stress. So do us guys, for that matter. How is it that people come up with this idea that intellect and love are mutually exclusive?

No, Your Pistol Is NOT For "Fighting Your Way To Your Rifle"

If you think that way during a gun fight you'll never make it to your rifle. And if yer dumb enough to believe that tripe ya probly deserve it too!! Legends like Jeff Cooper, Rob Leatham and Bill Blankenship would probably have your head for saying that and rightfully so.


It's a tragedy, of course. And of course, the feather merchants, the empty-headed politicos, and the media morons all have to get involved to figure out what went wrong, who's to blame, and how to prevent it in the future. GRRRRRRRR!!!! It never occurs to any of these fags to actually let the cops sort it out, right?

We had the same thing happen out here in Alberta years back at Mayerthorpe. Four mounties dispatched to the property of a known loon, also known to be armed - and four dead cops later, the same circus started up.

The blunt truth of it is that there is no one to blame. And there's pretty much nothing to be done about it. No, gun control won't work to deter crime, any nation that enforces it only ends up with more to show for it. No, giving the Mounties AR15 carbines wouldn't have helped - because they weren't killed with firepower, they were killed with tactics. They were ambushed and dead before they could even consider counter-strategy. That's what happens to most squaddies when they get ambushed too.

Add to the fact that from their designated snipers, all the way on down to their rank and file street officers - these guys can't shoot. I should be happy, I suppose, I have been carping at the officers that use our club to train - they should ALL have AR15's. They should ALL be skilled marksmen. Their qualification shooting is laughably inadequate.

The problem is, we are sending Officer Friendly into tactical firefights, unprepared for an adversary that IS prepared. And yannow what REALLY burns my butt about all this? They HAVE A FUGGIN GUN REGISTRY THAT COST 2 BILLION DOLLARS AND WAS SUPPOSED TO PREVENT CASES JUST LIKE THIS.

The next time some anti-gun goof starts yammering
about gun controls - asked them why the controls they have
- and paid through the nose for -
don't work!

In close quarters a pistol trumps a rifle any day of the week and twice on Sundays. It's faster and easier to use and it is every bit as lethal as a rifle or carbine - if you know how to use it. Learning proper pistol craft takes about a year. Once you acquire the skills, you need to stay on top of them. Pistols are great for discrete self protection whereas carbines and rifles can set people on edge.

The M1 carbine was invented in WW2 for cooks, officers,
administrators and non-riflemen
because they weren't able to shoot pistols accurately.
No self respecting soldier or law enforcement officer should
be in need of one of these.

I'm not going to knock the carbine; I've had them and they make sense for law enforcement, squaddies, and sportsmen that play the run n' gun games where the targets are big and close. They might make a good option for a truck gun or house gun for the wife who isn't inclined to the rigorous shooting required for top flight pistol skills. As a moderately skilled pistoleer I can now make hits at 75 yards. With a carbine I can stretch that out to 150 but at ranges like that I would much prefer my rifle to a carbine.

If you do your homework with the pistol, you won't need the carbine. The guys at Moncton and Mayerthorpe were all shot at well within pistol ranges. Your homework assignment is to read everything by the late Jeff Cooper - he was a true conservative intellectual and rifleman. Fortunately Rob Leatham is still with us and he's taught some gunnies to shoot even BETTER than he did.

Contrary to the liberals, we are not a nation of pussies and children and we shouldn't let them make us that way. We are intelligent, responsible men that may have to look after ourselves and our families in the absence of the law. It would behoove us to develop the skills that may be necessary for the job. Take that pistol out of the drawer and learn how to USE it - to it's maximum potential.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Friday Music Post: I'm In Love With Stacy's Bum

Courtesy of the beardoes and weirdoes 
at the PMJ.
Enjoy that fine fall weather!

Friday Retard School Mishap

Good heavens! I am SO screwed!!!

Today I took all the li'l munchkins and morons of Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards on a field trip to the bait and tackle shop. WL and BW n' WC and all of 'em had a fine time getting new piercings and wearing the fish hooks as body jewelry. (It's the latest fad with all the kids dontchya know).

So after they had all their fun the shop keep shooed all the little gaffers outside where there was one a these - and a garbage truck parked beside it that was the same colour. When I brought the short bus around to pick up the little buggers - they were ALL GONE!!! They had boarded the garbage truck, the operator hit the "compact" button - and drove off to make the rest of his rounds!!!! I'm gonna get FIRED!!! Again!!! What in hell am I gonna do now?!?!?

If anyone's hiring right now... I could sure use a job!

Michelle Obama Apes Turdo La Doo's Sock Gag

I suppose I should be happy that our idiot politicos are infatuated with their feet now... for it seems that they've been forever obsessed with their genitals as of late. I guess 'socks as politics' is a thing now? Or is it a creepy foot-fetish thing? With liberal morons ya never know if their stunts are political PR, or a way of virtue signalling their creepy sex problems to other degenerates, HAR HAR HAR!!!

I wonder if the former First Sasquatch spends more time on her fur than Turdo La Doo spends on his hair?

I Have A Ghost Story To Tell...

Jack The Ripper ... lives.....

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Motorcycle Porn

World famous adventurer, explorer and author - WL Emery has the goods on 'Old School Cool'. Check it out!

Classics abound.

Earlier this week I stopped in to harass my friends at Scona Cycle and drop off my gen for a warranty issue. In their show room they had a smaller collection of classic motorcycles and I always enjoyed ogling them, and then the new bikes out on the floor. It's been a ritual for me for decades. Sadly, the old machines seemed to dwindle and I think they are selling them off. This week I saw an old BSA, a Bultaco and some classic 70's Hondas. - and I think they were from their old collection.

They got one a these for sale for a little over $3K. Good luck finding parts.

When I was a kid, just before I discovered girls, I dreamed about buying either a Bultaco or a JAWA motorcycle. Then it seemed that for some reason during the 70's - all the furrin motorcycles went the way of the buffalo all at once and only the Japs remained. I didn't care because the slants at Honda came out with the fire-breathing CR dirt bikes and I wanted one of those for the longest time too.

This is a newer Bultaco. Where is your ass supposed to go?

Today my back hurts all the time, my gut hangs over my belt, and I'm slowly working my way back to doing 50 sit ups and push ups every day... but I look at these old dirt bikes and if I look deep down, I think I can still feel a stirring of something that has an affinity for noisy, one lunged knobby tired dirt monsters that only a kid can love.

Today some of them are back. We have dealers that carry Husquavarna Aprilla, Moto Guzzi and Ducati, etc etc. It's good to have them back. Gawd I wish I were young enough to be able to ride a scrambler all day long...

How Ya Do Your Business

Might be indicative of the business you're in. May I present, for your edification:

I'm not gonna mention anything personal, but suffice it to say I'm somewhere between the fireman and the sniper in this business, but NEVER between them or the commode.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Oh You Fuggin Yanks Are SO Dead Now!!!!

The Usual Suspects are furious. We are in a conundrum up here in Canada. Liberals hate the military with the heat of 1000 suns, and would rather gut the military budgets to fund pork projects and welfare for their power base. They've been doing it for years - but now the birds on that one are coming home to roost. Our ageing CF18's are falling out of the sky. Our previous conservative gov't was going to go with the F35 but there were problems right from the supplier, right from day 1... and when the liberals inherited the problem they promptly made it four times worse and 20 times more expensive. They want to buy more CF18's but apparently you godbedamned Yank chit heads want too much money for them - and poor Turdo La Doo might have to cut hand outs to all his fellow special Canadians that suck at the gubbimint teat rather than work for a living. So... HAR HAR HAR... so.....HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR...!!!!

So the mutt tells Trump to make a reasonable deal or keep his planes, and Canada will shop elsewhere with a reasonable trade partner! HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Trump just hit Bombardier with 220% duties on new planes sold
in America.
This kid is as retarded as his idiot father was.

Bombardier is one of the liberal pet white elephants we have up here in Canada, and probably one of the biggest corporate welfare slobs in the world.

So? How do ya like THAT, you Yankee a-holes? Would you like some more? Or would you like some more? Maybe you'd like some more!!!!

I often wonder what planet these idiots live on.

When I and my redneck brethren rise up and violently overthrow these liberal fart suckers and deal with them by firing squad - we are going to buy that bloody F22! It's what the boys shoulda had in the first place.

Mystery Gun Porn

I'm trying to figure out what that beast is. From the side it looks like a tried and true vintage rolling block Remington. But the lines of the action might conceivably be a falling block do those barrels go off one at a time? Or all at once like the old volley guns...?

Whatever it was, it was obviously a gentleman's gun.

I Get That From Pretty Women A Lot

Couldn't possibly explain why...

About That NFL Stuff...

Everybody's chimping out in rage because a bunch of football players think black people in America are oppressed and - that being the case - they are going to protest by not standing for their national anthem. I just read in some Canadian liberal shit rag that some black hockey player is contemplating doing the same - because apparently we all hate niggers up here in Canada too.

I get it because I got totally PO'd too! FFS - at work, ya gotta watch EVERYTHING you say. If you say ANYTHING that offends some feminist skank, or vibrant idiot, or sexual degenerate - they scamper off to the management to snitch on you and then you're in REAL trouble. I'm white, male, and I know all about white privilege. 3 months ago my national sales manager came out from Queerbec and shouted and screamed at me for a full day about our shitty sales. If I tried to speak, he interrupted; if I tried to force him to listen, he started pounding desks and waving his fat little fists around. Our token packie sales guy in Cowtown got $1400.00 in total sales that month. $1400.00!!!! And I am the one catching shit? My office was at 80% of it's budget, during an economic downturn. His in Queerbec was at 53% - and he was giving me shit???

When my daughter discovered she was queer, I was told that our entire family was being re-defined: She and her creepy girlfriend would say what everyone else could say or think, and because I had the wrong opinions on everything my only place in the family was in the closet that she crawled out of - provided I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything to offend them. My progtard in-laws agreed and graciously affirmed that they would be the moral and intellectual authorities in the family or I'd get thrown out on my ear! (I showed myself out, and threw them all out of my life, if that counts for anything).

My point about all that is this: in the midst of lunacy and idiocy like that at work at home, and everywhere - professional sport was a neutral ground where all that was a non-issue. Even my hen-pecked beta-male of a father could be a man at game time - he would drink beers and we could actually get along when hockey or football was on the tube. The Big Game could be anything you wanted it to be - mindless entertainment while you decompress alone after supper on a hard work day, or beers and nachos with the boys where you could tell rude jokes and mouth off at the players on the tube - or clean it up and make it a formal family event with the wives and kids.

And now these players, these protestors - want to bring the lunacy of political correctness into the game. And -they want YOU to pay for it. And - that entire league of black athletes have the collective IQ of a parrot. And - half those morons have been in trouble with the law for everything - from drugs to drunk driving to punching out their girlfriends and wives. These are the baboons that want to lecture me on morals and ethics.


You're damned right that people get mad. Who wants to see sanctimonious bullshit like that on their own time and their own dime? Your money talks, folks. You do what you want but were it me - I would say to hell with the NFL and their virtue signalling and political correctness.

But, whatever ya do - don't get mad like I did! Race realities are what they are: the average American black IQ is 85. Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 79 which is considered mild mental retardation in whites. The average sub-Saharan black IQ is even lower at 65. If the stats hold across the NFL teams - and their rap sheets would tend to support that they do - none of these tools is smart enough to do anything other than chucking a football and running fast. You aren't going to reason with these guys, you aren't going score political victories with them. You can't argue with an idiot.

Their owners and managers are another story. DO take the time to let THEM know how you feel. They are businessmen and should be smarter than this - and if nobody speaks up to tell them, they will keep pushing this crap not knowing why their fans are leaving in droves. Be courteous, polite and firm.

And find something else in the meantime.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Canada: A Nation Of Peace Keepers

I notice that all the Canadian liberal chit rags are all a-flather about that ignernt Trump and how he's gonna start a war with some obese gook in North Korea. Of course, none of 'em have a clue about how to resolve the differences beyond what you see in the cartoon above.

So, while the world burns, our economy swirls down the toilet - our idiot liberals are consumed with legalizing pot! I think I read somewhere that they intend to have it 'legalized' by next summer. The Mounties have basically told the liberals to shove it because their laws are unenforceable. The idea was classic pot-head: if ya legalize all the dope, man, ya can regulate it and TAX it and make money off it dude...

If I understand their proposal correctly, that was the intent of the new pot laws. The problem the liberals never counted on was that any idiot can grow this stuff and bring it to market faster, cheaper and at a better quality than gubbimint drug dealers.

I asked my own doctor years ago if there was any real medical merit to weed and the man replied "Absolutely not. There is no doctor worth his salt that would advocate for pot, and those that do are doing so for political purposes and not medical ones..." Others have come out against the weed saying that it poses a huge medical risk, especially with younger users.

I no longer care. Any concept of public decency and morals are long gone. Our kids aren't growing up right any more and it's been that way for a long, long time. One only need to look at our idiot Prime Minister to see that, raised as he was by a bipolar whore and an effeminate socialist and intellectual poseur.

It's gonna get worse before it gets better and it looks like our kids are on their own.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Tuesday Ruffie

Get your .410's out everyone!

Dirka Dirka Dirka

Let us be thankful for that too!

Stuff Filthie Wants

If anyone has one of those in bilingual (English and fwench) - and in
full auto - I would like to place an order!

Fuggin Swabbies Again...

What the hell is that? The USS Pac Man...???

I really shouldn't pick on the USN. Why, a couple years back those limey bastids did a snow job on our idiot prime minister - Jean Poutine Cretin - and sold him an obsolete diesel electric submarine. In any event, our swabbies took possession of it and set sail for home... and some fwench pipe polisher left a hatch open, flooded the boat in high seas and started an electrical fire. The hapless swabbies had to be rescued at see and their 'new' sub towed back to port for refurb.

I wonder how much money was flushed down the head on that gong-show? I suspect we'll never know. But - if you Yanks have any junk you want to sell to a foreign nation with a gullible idiot for a prime minister - you better hustle because our Turdo La Doo is probably going to get kicked to the curb in the next election.

Concealed Carry In Canada

As you Yanks know, Canada is run by bed-wetting liberal faggots, menopausal old women and vibrant slugs - and our gun laws reflect that. Concealed carry of firearms is pretty much illegal and some cop stopped me awhile back and tried to give me the gears about it. I didn't want to get in a pissing match over it so I pulled my gat and offered it to him - and he turned green and told me to keep it!

What gives?

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Retard School Shooting Team


Good to see Jack's hard at it and keeping his skills up. A pint of bourbon will probly tighten those groups up a bit Jack! HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! I suppose I shouldn't be a wank. He's doing as well as I am and with a little more work he might be putting the boots to Big Mike too. As for the rest of you - DON'T SHOOT CHEAP CHICOM/FOREIGN SHIT IN YOUR GUNS. Roll your own! It's fun and you'll pay off the investment on your press in the first year!

Mike B. has a cautionary tale about running cheap foreign
ammo in your guns.
I won't shoot that bargain basement shit in your guns, never
mind mine!
It serves him right, actually. Mike should be smarter than that.

Last week I promised to keep you in the loop with my adventures on the reloading bench with a safe queen I had found kicking around in the back of my gun safe - a USMC M40 LSS. (For those of you not in the know, the M40 LSS is the latest firearm for the Jar Heads: M40 Light Shithouse Sniper). It's going to be issued to every platoon's Designated Stubfart whose job it is to bitch at the kids and razz them as they try to to their duty!) Why - I would enlist right now were it not for the fact that I'm a chicken!  :)

Well on Friday when I took my reloads out I completely shat the bed. I mixed up my loads and my targets and after the shooting session I had burned up 40 rounds of ammo and only succeeded in making an ass of myself. So I went home, punched out primers and resized and reloaded my brass.

Only thing was - I pooped the bed again! In a fit of rage I noticed I had used the wrong loading data half way through my run - and found myself taking shells apart the same way Mike was in the vid above. I shouldn't bitch - at least I caught it and just had made more work for myself. But mixing up load data? That's how idiots blow their own heads off! It's the second time in 30 years that I've done it, and that is why I check and recheck everything several times in a production run. So - after chimping out in rage and throwing a serious temper tantrum... I finally got a box a shells together and headed out. I figgered I would just work with the Shithouse Sniper rifle for load development and plink with the AR15.

We're playing with CFE223 powder, CCI primers, Hordady brass and Nosler 165 gr. Ballistic Tip bullets. Pretty much everything ran between .5 and .9 MOA except for that one group on the upper left where I think I dropped one. I originally bought the CFE223 to burn in my AR15 because Johnny was having some spectacular success with it. Preliminary work has my AR indifferent to it... but the Shithouse Sniper seems to have taken a liking to it.

Gah. Fuggin bolt guns. Ya gotta be careful because these damned things
will grow on ya and you'll start to develop an affection for them.
By rights a crank like me should be shooting a falling block single shot,
or perhaps a manly lever gun.
If I'm still employed next summer I may rectumfy this unsavoury 

Didn't see any pressure signs on the brass... but I think my extraction was starting to get a little sticky on the last two groups. If you are going to use CFE223 - watch your brass like a hawk. The boys on the gun forums say it approaches it's maximum pressures really fast and my experiment proved it - in my gun at least. Yours may be a different story - but please use caution all the same.

After I finished my homework I started shooting off my hind feet and just had a remarkable day. The kids all thought I was some kind of ace because I just smacked the livin' crap out of the gong and my shots all went where they were supposed to. The other stubfarts wanted a closer look at my guns but didn't want to humble themselves by having to ask. Of course I was a complete dink about it - I acted cool and modest like I shot like that all the time - but I know full well I can go out there tomorrow and stink the place out! The gun gods are not gentle with braggarts.

So... we have the bolt gun under control. Now all I gotta do is figure that AR15 out...

Retard Rodeo!

Congratulations to Mrs. Chubster and her 0.1 second win in the Northern Alberta Special Semi-Finals!

Taste The Frooty Rainbow

Sunday Shooting

Play stupid games ... win stupid prizes.

When I was a boy one of my heroes was Tommy L. His family were text book middle class liberals. Mom and Pop made a pile of money and worked hard for it. Tommy was 16 and the first of the Canadian children that were raised with a 'hands off, let them find their own way' approach. (Looking back on it, I suppose the fall out from that parenting approach is what gave us today's 'helicopter' parents).

Long story short, while Mom and Pop worked their butts off for that big house, pool, and two fancy cars - Tommy ran wild. Us kids loved him because he made us sling shots, sorted out our fights and sometimes even played with us. All that stopped when he got a drivers license and he started getting into real trouble. He got into a couple hit-and-runs as I remember and managed to beat the rap both times. Our "Mayberry" RCMP constabulary developed a major hate-on for him as he moved into drugs. Drugs were a new thing in my little town back then - and kids that got in trouble with them became pariahs. Tommy was taken into custody one day after he somehow managed to elude police on a high speed chase and they caught up with him at home His trial was short and sweet: they threw the book at him and he went to some kind of special jail for minors. (At least, that was the story us kids got).

It was all confusing as hell to me at the time as I was just a sprout: Tommy was the coolest big kid alive, and here were my other heroes - the cops - telling us we had to stay away from Tommy or we'd get in the same trouble Tommy did. So I went to Big Bro to get him to explain it to me. "Don't be stupid, Glen; pigs are all assholes..." he said. Fact is my brother was younger - but headed the same way Tommy was for awhile.

Unfortunately for us both Pop overheard that and had a friggin' bird. We both got grounded for a night and of course we blamed each other for it. Pop laid down the law too: "If a cop pulls you over, you NEVER run. If he asks you a question, you answer it respectfully and honestly. If I EVER hear one of you two calling a cop or 'pig' or an 'asshole' - I will tan your hides and we'll just see who the assholes are...!"

I've always heeded that advice and I've never had a problem with an officer of the law. And - had this fine upstanding citizen done the same... he'd probably be alive today. I know any number of people that love to piss all over law enforcement people but my heart goes out to the poor slobs in the rank and file. The vast majority of times, police shootings go down just like this. Those morons don't understand that the cops would much rather be eating donuts, razzing the kids and getting kittens out of trees rather than fighting with idiots. But for this officer, confronted by some failed liberal social experiment with a knife?

I am Glen Filthie and I approve of this shooting.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Gotta Be Quartermain Again

I just heard from the hospital that he's in critical condition but is expected to recover.

Saturday Turd Burglar

Guess That Ain't Gonna Happen

Or, he could get hit by a bus tomorrow.
Perspective may or may not be a function of wisdom,
but if I had money like that, and all I could do with it
is sink it into a car... I would think myself a lesser man for it.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Bolt Gun Bungholery

Or maybe ya'd call it 'Bolt Gun Bigotry'.

I've always looked down my long nose at bolt guns and that's a dangerous thing. You can get beat up for that when certain guys are on the firing line - and more n' likely than not you would deserve it too - like me! HAR HAR HAR!

I've always been a little snobbish about guns and I looked down my nose at bolt guns because the vast majority of 'em have no soul. Mass produced plastic, aluminum - and even a moron can make them shoot well. I don't care if they are the most inherently accurate of all the guns, I don't care if they are lightning fast repeaters - I. Don't. Care. And I won't drive a minivan, or a Prius or any other piss burning econobox either!

I say all that with the usual caveats, of course. The old milsurps and war horses like the Brit .303 SMLE's (Smellies, as we of the Commonwealth like to call them), the classic Mausers and Springfields... and the fine safari guns like WL Emery's Rigby's are certainly acceptable arms for any self respecting rifleman. Well finished .22 bolt guns are a delight for the gun clubbing old stubfart. But... the RemWinMarlinSavage crap...? Fah! Give me a fine falling block single shot, or a lever gun, or better yet - a gas gun semi-auto! At least they have some character!

I got beat up a lot by the cool kids grumpy old bastids on the range and finally caved to peer pressure. I bought a shit house Remington 700 that came right from the factory with a target bull barrel. I put 20 rounds through it, pulled it and threw it in the garbage! "What kinda shit are those retards smoking at Big Green these days?" I cursed! Those a-holes are turning out unfinished guns in my opinion and now all the Yank manufacturers are doing it! I have a message for Remington, Winchester, Marlin and Savage: Screw you guys! If you all took a 50% pay cut, you'd still be earning twice what you're worth!!! And you turd brains at Ruger had better shape the hell up too!

*Ahem* Excuse me for that, perhaps I need my Tourette's Syndrome medicine now... so, I ripped the barrel off the Remington and bought a 20" air gauged Shilen Match barrel and figured I could make a light sniper out of it... but my heart just wasn't in it.

It was a bolt gun.

A couple weeks ago I was bored with the M1A and dug the old bolt gun out of the safe - and it just seemed to feel different in my hands than it did when I put it away several years back.

Out of the 19 guns I own, these are the only bolt actions.
The 22 is a beautiful CZ as pretty as WL Emery's Rigby buffalo gun
and the Rem has a custom match barrel with a Swarovski 2.5 ~ 10 scope on it.

Well... that bolt gun just seems to fit me better now for some reason. It has an El Cheapo rubber stock on it - Hogue, if I remember correctly. I decided to lay a beating on the 6" gong at 100m offhand off my hind feet - and I smacked the ever lovin' crap out of it shot after shot after shot! So I went home and loaded up some trial shells for it and now I am playing with bolt guns again. I am also trying to suss out a new AR15 precision gun and bought some Hogden CFE223 to try in it... and the boys are saying you can burn it in .308 too and get good results. 

Johnny on YouTube is having some spectacular results 
with heavy match bullets and Hogden CFE223 
gunpowder. Figured I would give 'em a whirl too...

So tomorrow I head out with a ... a... a bolt gun. And of course I gotta bag up and shoot off the bench instead of working on my formal position shooting. But damn - this gun would be right at home on a deer hunt just as it is! It's about the same handy dimensions as a 30-30 albeit much heavier... but I don't mind heavy guns and actually prefer them.

I'll keep ya posted on the results. My loads might not work well in your guns of course - but if we're both lucky they will give you a good starting point. I'll post this today as I'm tied up tomorrow - so have a good Friday. If time permits I will try to post some rude jokes tomorrow too if I can.

Retard School Practical Joke

This morning I blearily stumbled into my office here at Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards - and went to flip on the lights. The next thing I knew, I was laying on the ground smouldering with a case of rigor mortis setting in!

Awhile back I decided to save on money by having my students re-wire my renovated office rather than paying some union slob electrician to do it! Any number of things could be going on here: is this a work of incompetence - or a deliberate practical joke? If it's deliberate, my money is on Quartermain. If it's incompetence if could be any of the others.

I will be watching the boys like a hawk from here on out.

An Interesting Discussion About Lunacy

... going on over at Z's right now.

Years ago I was booted off any number of Canadian political forums for talking like this. Actually, it wasn't talking like this that got me booted - I started using terms like 'packie' and 'nigger' because if you are polite with a Canadian - he just bobbles his head with an idiot's grin and ignores you. But Canadians and many Americans are getting pushed into a smaller and smaller corner as their world view collapses right in front of their eyes. Affirmative action has done nothing more than promote inferior people and deprive your kids of jobs and a future. The black IQ gap is what it is, and is a matter of scientific fact and public record. The growing numbers of women in universities is not coincidental to the infintilization of university campuses across the nation - where truth and free speech reduces kids to snowflakes that need safe places. Even to notice these things - that are blatantly, blindingly obvious even to the vibrants and SJW's themselves - is to invite abuse, attack and derision. It serves us right too, because we let these inferior people have their way with us out of fear of offending them. A lot of those people that thought to feed me to the demons of political correctness all those years ago - have now found themselves targeted and persecuted. I have no sympathy for them, it serves them right too.

In Z's comments a link to a vid appeared and it needs to go viral. It's one where a chinaman lectures a vibrant on the obvious failings of his people.

I wonder if it's okay so long as a chinaman does it?

The race card is finally starting to lose some of it's power. I suspect that it will continue: whitey is running out of money and the vibrants want more and more. Our own kids can't afford homes or families, they are locked out of many of the good jobs because of their skin colour - and still the vibrants hate us no matter what concessions are made.

In the comments over there one of the posters made a very good point: he and his would adapt, as white people do - to any social situation that might arise out of our continually re-defined and politically correct society. For example, he stopped going to football games because the 'kiss cam' focused on queers throughout the game. 'It's easy,' he said, 'Just walk away from it...'

My reply was that if this continues, we won't have a society or system that works anymore. A father can't take his kid to the football game without being lectured about his homophobic bigotry. Black players making millions of dollars use their celebrity to accuse fans of racism have never faced real racism themselves. ESPN's shares are tanking as are their ratings. Just as how militant lefties gutted pro football and sportsnetworks - they can crash an economy or a nation. You can walk away from professional sport. You can walk away from Hollywood. But what happens when you can't walk away from it anymore? In Canada the local shitlibs want to make 'gender education' mandatory for all children - which is why the vast majority of home schoolers pull their kids out of public schools that are nothing more than daycares and indoctrination centres. We can't run from this.

Short of pitchforks, torches, baying mobs and lynchings - what can be done about this? Civil war? I've heard people watch the politically correct witch hunts, the antifa protests, and the wreckage of our universities - and they just shrug and say, 'Let it burn...'

The problem with that is we are all going to be in the house when it goes up in flames.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Today's Rude Blonde Joke

You've Been Warned!

Dammit. Good help is so hard to find these days. I asked Pete to make me this sign, and as usual, he did a half-assed job!!! It should also have on it:
  • feminists
  • queers
  • fwenchmen
  • tax men
  • public (hork, spit) "educators"
  • union slobs
  • welfare slobs
  • cell phone zombies
  • people that fart like it's a crime rather than something to brag about
I am going to have to have a stern lecture with him about his work ethics.

I Am Going To Hell

Or maybe not. I am convinced that God has a sense of humour and no bones about it. And if He doesn't, I will plead His forbearance based on my numerous psychological and mental problems:

Making Himself Comfortable

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Real Reason For Women Only Fitness Clubs

Oh sure, they SAY it's because they just want to be out with the girls, do a work out and not have revolting men perving out and slobbering on them. And with creeps like Pete and Jack and Quatermain running around, it seems fair enough on the face of it.

But - I think I know why the womenfolk prefer to work out only amongst 'emselves:

It's only a theory at this point.

A Satisfying Day Dream: The Lawn Kraut

Awhile back I was enjoying a satisfying day dream brought about by a videeyah game I saw called Castle Wolfenstein. The premise in the story behind the game was that eeeeeeeevil Nazis invaded America back in the 60's and turned it into a swinging vacation spot for The Third Reich! I thought the trailer for it was relaxing as hell!

By contrast, it was a proggie's nightmare - KKK coneheads walk the streets and exchange pleasnatries with friends and neighbours and goose-stepping soldiers. The big rifles have the Luger-esque toggle link actions. Jet planes go over and the B2 bombers sport Iron Crosses and Swastikas. Elevator music wafts onto the street as 1960's crooners sing to beats and baselines that soothe the soul. There are no Black Lives Matter types chimping out and rioting, no bitchy women in vagina hats, and no faggots to be seen anywhere. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Why would anyone want to spoil that? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! I can see why the chit-libs would have problems with it!

But me? I'd fit right in, finer n' frogs' hair! "Excuse me, Gruppenfurher - but did you know that BW, Pete and Quartermain are JOOS? Somebody should make SOAP out of 'em!" I can just imagine shooting Scheisser machine guns at the rod n' gun club. For me, the war between BMW and Harley was lost long ago. I would WELCOME our new fascist overlords!  :)

Sweet!!!! A 6.5 HP Lawn Kraut!!!

I suppose I shouldn't jest about fascists in this day and age, in this political climate. But that is something that perplexes me. The history books are what they are, and I suppose they are subject to the same forces that have stupid people toppling statues and trying to erase and revise history today.

Dispense with all that. Dispense with what you know and were taught. As a thought experiment, go back to square one. Nazi Germany - a nation that went from rubber boots to jack boots in the blink of an eye. Out of nothing they created fighter planes, tanks, mechanized war machines that left everyone else in the dust. The socialists of Russia - drunks and cretins that couldn't even feed themselves. Fwance - craven cowards and incompetents. Brits - fierce enough, but like America, TOTALLY unprepared for WW2.

How did Germany lose? I know what the history books say. I look around and see socialists running rampant today and the results speak for themselves: Mizz U, Venezuela, North Korea.

Something, somewhere, doesn't add up.

Hell Follows With Them

Years ago I used to hunt down by CFB Wainwright and the arties would be playing lawn darts with the heavy ordnance. By the maps, I was about 8 miles away as the crow flies - and I could still hear it.

Does artillery make more noise on delivery or receipt? I hope to never find out.

A Game Of Porcelain Thrones

I think I’m in the outhouse again.

My parents aren’t talking to me. Again. I must have done something. Haven’t heard from Mom in some time, so I texted her a pic of some of the wife’s rogue flowers that refuse to grow in their flower box, and sprouted up between the paving stones out in front – like the weeds do. (Who woulda thunk flowers could be rebels, mutineers, and insurgents? HAR HAR HAR!) Usually she’ll come back with a text something like ‘Oh, that’s nice…’ or ‘when are we going to meet for coffee…?’ I know she’s ignoring me because she is just the world’s biggest social butterfly – she’s all over facebook and her phone, texting her friends and so forth. I shouldn’t be a wank about that either – she’s engaged and doing things and seeing people and that is good for her. But lately as she ages she’s started to play head games with me and when I forget myself – they make me crazy. I am getting old and stupid too; I seriously need a sense of humour and I am taking myself way to seriously as I get old. I let a lot of stuff piss me off that I shouldn’t. Hmpffff – or maybe I need to grow up? As Red says, “Ya can’t stay young, but you can always be immature!”

I know that Pop hasn’t spontaneously combusted and burnt the house down because I drive by on a regular basis to make sure. Pop farts like a race horse and one spark – and that whole block will end up in the middle of next week! But the house is well kept, the lawn is manicured like a putting green, and all is in order. My parents are obviously alive and well.

So what did I do this time? I’m not sure, exactly. I MIGHT have forgotten Mom’s birthday – I think as she gets older she takes them more seriously. But at the time, they were out of town camping, then we were, and the summer just got away from us. Could she have her nose out of joint about that? I coulda swore we got her a card and went over for coffee but that might have been Pop’s birthday. Birthday’s mean nothing to me whatsoever – I don’t even want a card on mine. But womenfolk can be difficult about such things.

The other possibility is that my Mom is a busy woman with a life going on, and has her hands absolutely FULL trying to keep her disobedient husband and dog in line – and somehow a text from her retarded son slipped under her radar.

So what should I do? My family life is a hodgepodge of power games, head games, and plot – where wins and losses turn on the slip a tongue, or a poorly worded rebuttal! Think, Filthie! THINK!   ;) One false move - and my fiendish brother will inherit the vast Filthie Fortune!!! With such incredible wealth - he'll be in a position to act for the Forces Of Evil and thwart me as I try to bring law and order to the world! HAR HAR HAR! ((Actually I intend to see that he inherits - it will serve him right!) Fact is I suppose we'll BOTH get the shaft; Pop has told us both he intends to leave us with nothing but his debts! Can't blame him, I would do the same in his boat!!!)

Here’s what I’m gonna do: there’s a combination greenhouse/restaurant north of town here called Greenland. I THINK it’s a chick thing – they have a greenhouse, a gift shop full of frillies and nicknacks and ornaments – and a bistro where the clucks can chatter and have a glass of wine. I figure if I invited ‘em out for dinner – and made sure to shave and bathe first – a lunch or supper out might improve some attitudes. I have to do something, lest my evil elder brother inherit the vast Filthie Fortune! HAR HAR HAR! (Actually, I intend to see that he does – it would serve him right!)

Comments, Gentlemen? Options? As always, your two cents are sincerely appreciated.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

A Walk In The Early Fall

No more shorts and tee shirts in the mornings. It's too damned chilly!

Up here the leaves are just starting to change, lots of green still left... but it's that 'baked' green; it isn't the healthy green of early spring or summer.

Years ago when I was at a fall rifle rodeo the kids were having a contest to see who could eat the most of these berries. I gave them chit and told them they were poisonous to make them stop - but kids understand me and gave me all the respect and authority I deserved - and kept eating... Then this old weird beardo came along and explained to the kids that they were cursing themselves and their ancestors. These berries are not meant for us; they are food for the dead and the spirits that walk the earth, and the children were stealing from them. The creepiest lecture on the doings of angry spirits ensued that left me and the kids whiter than the berries! Old people tell the best stories. I left these for the spirits with my compliments.

The dawgs wait impatiently for me to pick up the land mines and stop
looking at stupid stuff like berries.
There is dog shit to be smelled, rabbits to be barked at, 
and squirrels to rage at.

It's officially fall here I guess. Time to empty out the trailer, do some preps for winter and change some oil. Annnnnnd - maybe a stolen afternoon at the range, of course! See ya all tomorrow and thanks for stopping in.

Vestiges Of Old Alberta

Seen on the river down in the park at Ft. Mac yesterday...

Float planes used to be everywhere when I was a kid. Aaaaaaadmontin Alberta was considered the gateway to the north, and even back in the 60's, the sea plane base out at Cooking Lake was a big hub. All the wheeled aircraft landed at the Edmonton or International airports - and all the float planes and sea planes landed out by us at south Cooking Lake. 

Nowadays there's hardly any float planes around at all. It's all choppers and wheels now because every two bit backwater out in the sticks has an airport now. The float planes have moved further North I suspect. Perhaps the new gateway to the north is Yellowknife now. 

One of these days I shall have to go up and see.

Saturday Morning English Breakfast: Limeys & Kippered Currency

I've been enjoying and binge watching Junius Maximus YouTubicus for the past couple nights. I buy silver from First Majestic as a basic prep - not much, just a couple hundred bucks now and then. I would love to buy gold if I could afford it. I'm toying with the idea of other sources for silver and maybe enjoying the acquisition of coinage as a chit house hobby.

Junius makes an interesting point: as goes a gov't - so goes it's currency. Some interesting food for thought over a spot of tea and a plate of kippers... or maybe some faggots n' peas or spotted dick, HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!

Have a wonderful Saturday.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Cell Phones

Unlike other old farts I have a love/hate relationship with cell phones - or at least I did. I know Wirecutter over at Knuckle Draggin can be heard bragging from time to time about how he has an old 'dumb phone' he never uses. My dad is like that too - if he every blows up on the freeway and he can't get his vehicle rolling himself - he MIGHT use the cell to call a tow company. By contrast my Mom is all over smartphones, facebooking and texting and such... and I am somewhere in between the two extremes.

I use mine to text a bit, look at my work emails and put a few contacts in. Sometimes I'll look up a customer on the net to get a better sense of what he does and how I can fit my company into his. For the last decade I've had a company cell and with my job fluttering in the breeze lately I decided that I should go ahead and wipe all my personal stuff off it in case I have to turn it back without warning. I figure I am gonna get my own and that way I can look for new jobs, or make personal calls I may not wish my employer knowing about. In the past I just used the company phones because with my job I was always on call and figured if I was going to work after hours for free from time to time - they could damned well give me the odd personal phone call and data usage for personal business. I never really abused it and nobody ever said anything - but with our company fortunes in decline and our jobs in question? I will need my own phone - simple as that.

I was going to bite the bullet and get a Cadillac phone plan and then gagged on the prices - remember, I've never had to pay for a cell before. My wife has one that I am supposed to pay for but I have been spending all my money on guns instead ...errr... last time I paid for hers it was around $90.00 a month. Looks like one for me would cost about the same. And of course I did the math and pooped my pants. And of course, everyone just laughed at the old fart who lived under a rock having a kiniption about cell rates. Everyone I told about it snickered and chortled and had great sport at my expense! I'm STILL mad about it!!!

Keep laughing, Bungholes!!!!!

I'm up at Ft. Mac and had nothing to do after work except watch YouTube... and so far I am really liking Junius. It takes him 10 minutes to talk about stuff like this but for you to do the math takes about 2... 

He thinks like me - and I got my financial smarts from my late Grandmother and my wife. With our company teetering on the brink a lot of us employees are worried. I have it good; sure, we've spent a little money on good things like campers, dinners out, and toys... but we were always saving a bit too. If I lose my job I pay out my wife's car in cash (about 3 months left on it) - and we are effectively debt free. I have friends with big houses, fast cars, kids in expensive sports, big boats... and they have to have a job to pay for all this stuff. If they lose their jobs they are in seriously deep trouble - and these gold plated cell phone plans are just another way for you to lose financial freedom.

Except for the bills and taxes. I suppose a fella is always vulnerable - the gubbimint could raise my taxes and utilities rates - and there's not much I can do about that. Oh, I could go 'urban outdoorsman' and go off the grid - but I would rather not. For me personally, it seems like more work than it's worth. But a fella CAN prep. And prepping these days - at least to me - means cutting back your costs, saving your pennies, and dispensing with stuff you don't really need.

Looks like it's time to get smart with my money again. Maybe being smart means going with a dumb phone? HAR HAR HAR!

Have a good Friday everyone!

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Good Luck With That, Wendy...

I like the new look but no way am I eatin' there or at Arby's.
I yam a man of refined tastes n' sensibilities.

Americans live right. Why, I would LOVE to eat at a place called 'The Heart Attack Grille'. Wouldn't mind being wheeled out by some Naughty Nurses in a stretcher or a wheelchair either, HAR HAR HAR!!! This is what makes America great: ya take lechery and gluttony - put 'em in a burger joint... and something beautiful, and uniquely American results! HAR HAR HAR!

As my hero and role model, Rodger Schlong likes to say,"USA! USA! UAS!!!"

Holy Smokes! I Almost Forgot! Best Of Luck Hunters...!!!

Holy chit! Hunting season is open!!!

That's how old I am now. There was a time...was it really that long ago? I would be champing at the bit. My rifle would have been zeroed at 200 and anything under 300 was meat in the freezer. I passed longer shots up because I am lazy and don't like the idea of wounding animals.

My draws would have been a done deal by now. I could actually smell the fall coming. The camp gear would have been checked over at least three times, and I'd have blown my allowance on picking the perfect bottle of scotch for the campfire at night. A lot of you Yanks go to hunting lodges and leases and such. Up here, we still have a bit of back country and it's a piece of cake to pitch a tent or flop out in the back of the truck on some old seismic line or logging road.

One year I just had it all: we were living in our brand new house. I had gotten lucky and dropped a little mulie yearling and got back to the house - and the wife just took right over! She had me string it up downstairs, and she went to work, picking and choosing her cuts. All I did is field dress it and skin it and she did the rest. I had a shower and flopped out to sleep afterward. When I woke up, my in laws were over and my father in law was cranking on a meat grinder for all he was worth and having a ball. They were better times and we were better people.

I hope you got all your draws for the 2017 season, and wish you all the best of luck in the season ahead. Be it known to one and all that we like hunting stories round here, and especially the young hunters that tell them.  :)

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

This ... Is CNN

I hope all you hatey white a-holes feel ashamed of
yourselves for all the rotten things you've said about

Sadly, this little driblet of satire is right up CNN's back alley these days. I no longer follow the mainstream news and turn to my fellow bloggers instead. The commentary is much more intelligent.

UPDATE: Courtesy Of The Feral Irishman:

For My Next Bank Heist

If When I lose my job I think I am going to turn to a life of crime. And - if I am going to be a crime boss - I'll darned well roll like one too!

Oops! Maybe I'll be a patriot rather than a crime boss. Who in their right mind wants to be a politician anyway...?