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Saturday, 16 September 2017

A Walk In The Early Fall

No more shorts and tee shirts in the mornings. It's too damned chilly!

Up here the leaves are just starting to change, lots of green still left... but it's that 'baked' green; it isn't the healthy green of early spring or summer.

Years ago when I was at a fall rifle rodeo the kids were having a contest to see who could eat the most of these berries. I gave them chit and told them they were poisonous to make them stop - but kids understand me and gave me all the respect and authority I deserved - and kept eating... Then this old weird beardo came along and explained to the kids that they were cursing themselves and their ancestors. These berries are not meant for us; they are food for the dead and the spirits that walk the earth, and the children were stealing from them. The creepiest lecture on the doings of angry spirits ensued that left me and the kids whiter than the berries! Old people tell the best stories. I left these for the spirits with my compliments.

The dawgs wait impatiently for me to pick up the land mines and stop
looking at stupid stuff like berries.
There is dog shit to be smelled, rabbits to be barked at, 
and squirrels to rage at.

It's officially fall here I guess. Time to empty out the trailer, do some preps for winter and change some oil. Annnnnnd - maybe a stolen afternoon at the range, of course! See ya all tomorrow and thanks for stopping in.

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