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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

About That NFL Stuff...

Everybody's chimping out in rage because a bunch of football players think black people in America are oppressed and - that being the case - they are going to protest by not standing for their national anthem. I just read in some Canadian liberal shit rag that some black hockey player is contemplating doing the same - because apparently we all hate niggers up here in Canada too.

I get it because I got totally PO'd too! FFS - at work, ya gotta watch EVERYTHING you say. If you say ANYTHING that offends some feminist skank, or vibrant idiot, or sexual degenerate - they scamper off to the management to snitch on you and then you're in REAL trouble. I'm white, male, and I know all about white privilege. 3 months ago my national sales manager came out from Queerbec and shouted and screamed at me for a full day about our shitty sales. If I tried to speak, he interrupted; if I tried to force him to listen, he started pounding desks and waving his fat little fists around. Our token packie sales guy in Cowtown got $1400.00 in total sales that month. $1400.00!!!! And I am the one catching shit? My office was at 80% of it's budget, during an economic downturn. His in Queerbec was at 53% - and he was giving me shit???

When my daughter discovered she was queer, I was told that our entire family was being re-defined: She and her creepy girlfriend would say what everyone else could say or think, and because I had the wrong opinions on everything my only place in the family was in the closet that she crawled out of - provided I kept my mouth shut and didn't say anything to offend them. My progtard in-laws agreed and graciously affirmed that they would be the moral and intellectual authorities in the family or I'd get thrown out on my ear! (I showed myself out, and threw them all out of my life, if that counts for anything).

My point about all that is this: in the midst of lunacy and idiocy like that at work at home, and everywhere - professional sport was a neutral ground where all that was a non-issue. Even my hen-pecked beta-male of a father could be a man at game time - he would drink beers and we could actually get along when hockey or football was on the tube. The Big Game could be anything you wanted it to be - mindless entertainment while you decompress alone after supper on a hard work day, or beers and nachos with the boys where you could tell rude jokes and mouth off at the players on the tube - or clean it up and make it a formal family event with the wives and kids.

And now these players, these protestors - want to bring the lunacy of political correctness into the game. And -they want YOU to pay for it. And - that entire league of black athletes have the collective IQ of a parrot. And - half those morons have been in trouble with the law for everything - from drugs to drunk driving to punching out their girlfriends and wives. These are the baboons that want to lecture me on morals and ethics.


You're damned right that people get mad. Who wants to see sanctimonious bullshit like that on their own time and their own dime? Your money talks, folks. You do what you want but were it me - I would say to hell with the NFL and their virtue signalling and political correctness.

But, whatever ya do - don't get mad like I did! Race realities are what they are: the average American black IQ is 85. Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 79 which is considered mild mental retardation in whites. The average sub-Saharan black IQ is even lower at 65. If the stats hold across the NFL teams - and their rap sheets would tend to support that they do - none of these tools is smart enough to do anything other than chucking a football and running fast. You aren't going to reason with these guys, you aren't going score political victories with them. You can't argue with an idiot.

Their owners and managers are another story. DO take the time to let THEM know how you feel. They are businessmen and should be smarter than this - and if nobody speaks up to tell them, they will keep pushing this crap not knowing why their fans are leaving in droves. Be courteous, polite and firm.

And find something else in the meantime.


  1. Trust Glen Filthie to bring up the items that no one wants to mention. The racial IQ divide, the self-identified victim status, and the incessant whinging of the rug munching, door knob sucking fruits and nuts community.

    Professional football players are grossly overpaid college flunk outs whose only real skill is being able to play a game that kids play. Brain injury is common and is carefully ignored during routine physicals. Then there's the arrest records of the players - like you say, drugs, violent crime, domestic violence. An endless cycle. Not one in a hundred players are bright enough to count their own money. But then, they make enough to hire someone else to count it for them.

    My thought is that unless the entire team stands respectfully for the national anthem and is able to sing all four stanzas correctly, that team automatically forfeits the game and they can spend the next couple hours doing calisthenics. Let 'em chew on that for a while.

    1. The majority of those idiots are going to end their old age in poverty too. I think I remember Sports Illustrated caught supreme shit from the Usual Suspects because they did and expose on old vets that disappeared from the limelight years and decades ago - and too many of the blacks were street dwelling ruby-dubs and homeless...