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Thursday, 21 September 2017

An Interesting Discussion About Lunacy

... going on over at Z's right now.

Years ago I was booted off any number of Canadian political forums for talking like this. Actually, it wasn't talking like this that got me booted - I started using terms like 'packie' and 'nigger' because if you are polite with a Canadian - he just bobbles his head with an idiot's grin and ignores you. But Canadians and many Americans are getting pushed into a smaller and smaller corner as their world view collapses right in front of their eyes. Affirmative action has done nothing more than promote inferior people and deprive your kids of jobs and a future. The black IQ gap is what it is, and is a matter of scientific fact and public record. The growing numbers of women in universities is not coincidental to the infintilization of university campuses across the nation - where truth and free speech reduces kids to snowflakes that need safe places. Even to notice these things - that are blatantly, blindingly obvious even to the vibrants and SJW's themselves - is to invite abuse, attack and derision. It serves us right too, because we let these inferior people have their way with us out of fear of offending them. A lot of those people that thought to feed me to the demons of political correctness all those years ago - have now found themselves targeted and persecuted. I have no sympathy for them, it serves them right too.

In Z's comments a link to a vid appeared and it needs to go viral. It's one where a chinaman lectures a vibrant on the obvious failings of his people.

I wonder if it's okay so long as a chinaman does it?

The race card is finally starting to lose some of it's power. I suspect that it will continue: whitey is running out of money and the vibrants want more and more. Our own kids can't afford homes or families, they are locked out of many of the good jobs because of their skin colour - and still the vibrants hate us no matter what concessions are made.

In the comments over there one of the posters made a very good point: he and his would adapt, as white people do - to any social situation that might arise out of our continually re-defined and politically correct society. For example, he stopped going to football games because the 'kiss cam' focused on queers throughout the game. 'It's easy,' he said, 'Just walk away from it...'

My reply was that if this continues, we won't have a society or system that works anymore. A father can't take his kid to the football game without being lectured about his homophobic bigotry. Black players making millions of dollars use their celebrity to accuse fans of racism have never faced real racism themselves. ESPN's shares are tanking as are their ratings. Just as how militant lefties gutted pro football and sportsnetworks - they can crash an economy or a nation. You can walk away from professional sport. You can walk away from Hollywood. But what happens when you can't walk away from it anymore? In Canada the local shitlibs want to make 'gender education' mandatory for all children - which is why the vast majority of home schoolers pull their kids out of public schools that are nothing more than daycares and indoctrination centres. We can't run from this.

Short of pitchforks, torches, baying mobs and lynchings - what can be done about this? Civil war? I've heard people watch the politically correct witch hunts, the antifa protests, and the wreckage of our universities - and they just shrug and say, 'Let it burn...'

The problem with that is we are all going to be in the house when it goes up in flames.

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  1. the problem with the truth is that it is always there no matter how tightly shut you squeeze your eyes.

    if we acknowledge what is true we may be able to make corrections to bring our nations into line with the truth and so solve problems.
    but that does not garner any votes.