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Friday, 29 September 2017

Friday Retard School Mishap

Good heavens! I am SO screwed!!!

Today I took all the li'l munchkins and morons of Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards on a field trip to the bait and tackle shop. WL and BW n' WC and all of 'em had a fine time getting new piercings and wearing the fish hooks as body jewelry. (It's the latest fad with all the kids dontchya know).

So after they had all their fun the shop keep shooed all the little gaffers outside where there was one a these - and a garbage truck parked beside it that was the same colour. When I brought the short bus around to pick up the little buggers - they were ALL GONE!!! They had boarded the garbage truck, the operator hit the "compact" button - and drove off to make the rest of his rounds!!!! I'm gonna get FIRED!!! Again!!! What in hell am I gonna do now?!?!?

If anyone's hiring right now... I could sure use a job!


  1. You could work for the sanitation dept... Hell; you were already halfway there with the last load...

    1. Maybe I'm panicking Pete... their parents'll never miss 'em, right...???

    2. Just wait'll the SJW club hears about this one. They're going to want to give you a medal, publicly, at some kind of honorary party.

      Too bad I'll miss it. Ha!

  2. Note that I'm showing considerable restraint here. I haven't mentioned what the medal might look like, and just where the SJWs are going to put it.