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Monday, 25 September 2017

Fuggin Swabbies Again...

What the hell is that? The USS Pac Man...???

I really shouldn't pick on the USN. Why, a couple years back those limey bastids did a snow job on our idiot prime minister - Jean Poutine Cretin - and sold him an obsolete diesel electric submarine. In any event, our swabbies took possession of it and set sail for home... and some fwench pipe polisher left a hatch open, flooded the boat in high seas and started an electrical fire. The hapless swabbies had to be rescued at see and their 'new' sub towed back to port for refurb.

I wonder how much money was flushed down the head on that gong-show? I suspect we'll never know. But - if you Yanks have any junk you want to sell to a foreign nation with a gullible idiot for a prime minister - you better hustle because our Turdo La Doo is probably going to get kicked to the curb in the next election.

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