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Monday, 11 September 2017


Sorry about all the politics going on but I just lose my mud with liberal stupidity. It was bad 40 years ago and now it's getting downright lethal. Why am I so mad?

Maybe you Yanks remember when The Gay Mulatto told Joe The Plumber that he didn't build his little business - all the $5.00/hour winners he employed did, and it's only fair to tax the shit outta guys like Joe, and the friendly neighbourhood gubbiment slobs will 'redistribute' it amongst the Pore N' Starvin'. (And of course we all know how that works - the money goes to their dancing monkeys like the queers, union slobs and bag men - with hardly anything left over for the welfare slobs).

Well last week Turdo La Doo basically said the same thing and tells us he intends to act on it. He wants to do away with tax breaks for small business in the interests of fairness. The dumb chit is too stupid and clueless to understand that all he will do is make it harder to start a business and employ Canadians. And all this in an economy that is in full recession.

I gave a cheer and hoisted a glass when his effeminate father died; Pee-Aire was the same socialist piece of shit his son is and thanks to him a whole generation of Canadians watched their jobs and dreams die out west.

All I can do is shake my head. How do these morons come to power? And where do these idiots come from? Why are we doing this to ourselves and our kids?


  1. I lived in Toledo and I've met Joe the Plumber. He's a good guy.

    When he went on his march through the gravel pit and got confronted by a small business owner who basically asked if The Ayatollah Obongo was going to tax the bourgeoisie out of existence, and got a resounding YES! I knew we were in for eight years of misery, and we probably would not recover during my lifetime.

    As to how these morons come to power, consider this: I have two candidates. One is explaining that the way to grow the economy is to grow businesses, mainly small to mid-sized entrepreneurs. They, in turn, will hire workers, which will eventually create a labor shortage. This will cause wages to rise, and as a side benefit the velocity of money will increase. We'll have a thriving economy, a buyer's market, and everyone who wants to work will have a job... and so on.

    The other candidate screams that the rich people have all the money, and if you want some of that money, elect me. I'll get you a bunch of it.

    They rich. You isn't. I be takin' they stash an' givin' allah you a cut.

    Now just who the flying fuck do you think is going to win that election?

    1. Jack - even the effin LIBERALS are having a bird! By the sounds of it they may hang Turdo La Doo before a real man can get a rope on the mutt!
      I am almost hoping he is stupid enough to try it.