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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Good Ol' Days...

Damn right. And I LIKED it too!!! And when I went to school it was uphill both ways, and I had to hop from cow pie to cow pie to keep my feet warm!!! And I had it good - I was eating mud pies while the poor kids like Jack were eating cow pies.

I often had coooooold friggin feet in the winter back in the day.

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  1. Snowflakes can't even handle snowflakes, Glen. Where I live, there's a school on every possible route; no chance of getting around the traffic and the crossing guards during ingress/egress hours. That's 'cause every mommie in town has to get her little bumpkin to school and back without the child ever touching the ground. They do this until the kid turns sixteen, at which point he/she/it takes the car to school. If the kids' feet didn't grow, one pair of shoes would get them through childhood.

    I shyte you not; I walked farther to the bus stop than these kids hover to school, and that was the one year I was able to take the bus. The rest of the time, I walked the whole way; about six Klicks, out and back.

    The modern permababy has no idea...

    'Blows my mind, it does...