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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Holy Smokes! I Almost Forgot! Best Of Luck Hunters...!!!

Holy chit! Hunting season is open!!!

That's how old I am now. There was a time...was it really that long ago? I would be champing at the bit. My rifle would have been zeroed at 200 and anything under 300 was meat in the freezer. I passed longer shots up because I am lazy and don't like the idea of wounding animals.

My draws would have been a done deal by now. I could actually smell the fall coming. The camp gear would have been checked over at least three times, and I'd have blown my allowance on picking the perfect bottle of scotch for the campfire at night. A lot of you Yanks go to hunting lodges and leases and such. Up here, we still have a bit of back country and it's a piece of cake to pitch a tent or flop out in the back of the truck on some old seismic line or logging road.

One year I just had it all: we were living in our brand new house. I had gotten lucky and dropped a little mulie yearling and got back to the house - and the wife just took right over! She had me string it up downstairs, and she went to work, picking and choosing her cuts. All I did is field dress it and skin it and she did the rest. I had a shower and flopped out to sleep afterward. When I woke up, my in laws were over and my father in law was cranking on a meat grinder for all he was worth and having a ball. They were better times and we were better people.

I hope you got all your draws for the 2017 season, and wish you all the best of luck in the season ahead. Be it known to one and all that we like hunting stories round here, and especially the young hunters that tell them.  :)

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