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Saturday, 30 September 2017

It's Because You're A Bitch, Sweetie...

I don't buy it.

My wife is smarter than I am, hands down. She picks stuff up faster than I do and can multi-task more things than I can. There are times when she has some task figured out, the best way to go at it, and what is needed for it - while I am still pondering on it. Sometimes I just frustrated and tell her to STFU while I chug through the problems to arrive at the same conclusions because I am one of those guys that has to think for himself and if it takes me longer to do it - so what? My wife is awesome because she'll just sit back, smell the flowers and wait for me to catch up. Our pattern is - she will pick up a new skill far faster than I will. When we were kids she was a better archery shot and easily my equal with guns - but nowadays she's nowhere close. I can seem to refine skills a bit better than she can.

My mother is smarter than me too. Hell, she's smarter than Big Bro and Pop. But she runs on emotions and then turns her intellect on to back up those emotions - and all kinds of ass-hattery results. She's a liberal and figures guns are bad and should all be banned - and she'll spout the same bullshit you hear from any other liberal moron and all ya can do to shut her up is to tell her to get stuffed! She bought Warble Gloaming, and thinks Donald Trump is going to start a war or hang the queers or put niggers in chains again - whatever. I think the polite way to say it is that 'she's intellectually dishonest'. I dunno what Pop saw in her, but he had a grade 10 education and she had a high school diploma. In those days, men could quit school early, go get a trade and then make a middle class living. A high school diploma was still a coveted credential too. Mom is smarter than Pop and they get along great.

I dunno what happened with my daughter. My internet detractors often laugh and mock me because I wanted my daughter to go to school and make something of herself, and she did! She's a militant lesbian social justice warrior with a useless art degree and a very creepy girlfriend. She's smarter than that, but when her intellect and emotions collide, the emotions win hands down everytime. A lot of the outhouse experts agree that sending women on to university and college is a waste of time and will have an adverse effect on them. My daughter would certainly support that hypothesis.

For my two cents I think it's a classic case of people knowing what they want, and not what they actually need. I get it all the time on the job: the customer phones up and says he wants a Cadillac with all the options - and all he needs is a Hyundoo chit box. Women need homes and families - not flashy careers and job stress. So do us guys, for that matter. How is it that people come up with this idea that intellect and love are mutually exclusive?


  1. My internet detractors often laugh and mock me...


    Look - he fucked it up again! Har Har Har!

    I never could keep up a relationship with a woman who wasn't at least as smart as I am, and that's setting the bar pretty low. I tried a few times, but it didn't work out. For one thing, the dumb ones tended to rely on me for daily tasks that required thought. I've got enough problems running my own life into the ditch; I don't need to help someone else do the same thing.

    As for Natasha Hooper, she's got intellect confused with education. You can have an average IQ and still end up with a PhD - you just have to pick the right field, the right university, and be willing to work a little harder than your peers. Consider a doctorate in paranormal studies at the University of California, Berkley. All the classes are pass-fail, and the simpletons in charge don't want to hurt your tender little feelings... there used to be universities that valued hard work and rewarded success with a degree that actually meant something. I'm afraid those days are long gone.

    When a good friend's daughter graduated high school at the head of her class and started college, she was prepared to work hard. At the end of the first semester she was ready to ask for her money back, because the classes weren't tough enough, the books had too many pictures and not enough big words. Think about that one for a while.

    She found Mr. Right, by the way. Another hard working intellectual, thin as a rail, polite, well-spoken, a bit shy... graduated suma cum laude. They're quite happy together.


    1. Ayup. We have raised a generation of pussies and brats and no bones about it.