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Thursday, 7 September 2017

New Addition To The Arsenal

Well my armourer at Tons Of Anarchy called me up and told me my new AR15 upper was ready for a test spin. Used to be that guys went into exhaustive, grinding detail about every single component and why it was better than anything else and dropped names like Noveske, LaRue, etc etc.

I'm not gonna do that; suffice it to say it has a 20" air gauged match pipe, a match trigger module and the rest of the components are mostly top shelf. Not sure if I like that buttstock. Ya see, I like front-heavy guns ... or at least, my body seems to like them because I shoot them better but I just hate the feel of them. NYUK NYUK NYUK - "I yam not comfortable in my own body!!! Everyone feel sorry for me!!!" HAR HAR HAR!!!! But that is the way of it: my esthetics and ergonomics are old enemies in the shooting game, if that makes any sense. This gun is very front heavy so if the pattern holds I should be able to shoot it well. The lightweight buttstock has a lock that cinches it up right tight to the buffer tube so it doesn't move - so that's good I suppose.

My shit house practice load for my gas guns in .223 is a Nosler 50 gr. Ballistic Tip sitting on 24.6 grains of IMR 3031. I buy the Noslers in bulk boxes of 1000. During the test ride off the bags at 200m yesterday, it produced a 2-1/8" group and I may have pulled one of those a bit. I have Caldwell shooting bags and I really need to get rid of those friggin things. The best shooting bags are those made at home by my wife, out of the pant legs of old jeans and filled with lead shot. I have some tweaking and load development to do, but I don't have far to go to get under 1 MOA accuracy.

After I got off the bags and the bench I set the range on fire. The 6" gong at 100m is a piece of cake off the bench, but you would be shocked at how many people can't do it offhand. I smacked that thing 4 out of 5 times offhand and pooped the bed with the one that missed. From the sitting position I did another quick 4 out of 5 and pooped the other side of the bed with one miss. When the Marines miss, they call it 'flying Maggie's drawers'. When Filthie misses his mark - he chits the bed, HAR HAR HAR! Sadly, this is what passes for humour amongst elderly washed up marksmen.

She's going back to the armourer today as I wasn't getting enough gas to cycle the gun and I suspect that will be a minor tweak too ... and I will see about getting a mount or a stud for a bipod. I am not a big fan of bipods, as they encourage slob marksmanship if they aren't used with the right mindset.


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    1. She has a 1:8 twist on the rifling so the 50 grainers are going to be a little over on the light side, WL. I think she'll absolutely sing with a mid-weight bullet like a 62 grainer...