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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Retard School Practical Joke

This morning I blearily stumbled into my office here at Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards - and went to flip on the lights. The next thing I knew, I was laying on the ground smouldering with a case of rigor mortis setting in!

Awhile back I decided to save on money by having my students re-wire my renovated office rather than paying some union slob electrician to do it! Any number of things could be going on here: is this a work of incompetence - or a deliberate practical joke? If it's deliberate, my money is on Quartermain. If it's incompetence if could be any of the others.

I will be watching the boys like a hawk from here on out.


  1. How the hell?...

    If the boxes those screws are going into are plastic, I suppose it could be done, but... You'd have to WORK to get that to happen... My money's on deliberate shock and awe as well...