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Friday, 8 September 2017

The Filthie Prepper

I follow the prep and subsistence bloggers as they find ways to prepare for hard times and stretch a buck till it screams. One of the keys to survival in tough times is to make the bad guys think twice about mugging you for your food supplies and there's a number of ways you can do that. Sure, ya can gun up as I did... but how about this...?

I was gonna invite Jack, Pete and Quartermain over for supper
tonight but they all seem to be busy.

Moochers and muggers alike will think twice about trying to raid your stash of supplies if they're confronted by foods like these. About the only people you'd have to worry about are the fwenchmen - but they're all pussies and can be dispensed with by a good bitch-slapping.

Keep prepping everyone!


  1. Another handy tip; can Zeke's catfish bait and label it "spaghetti sauce." Imagine the surprise of the one who opens one of those jars! If you haven't smelled Zeke's catfish bait, you owe it to yourself to seek some out and take a whiff... if only to re-calibrate you nose to know what true STINK really is! Honestly; skunks pay this stuff homage...

    ...The Fwench and the SJW's? They won't even make it through the first inning of TEOTWAWKI... Maybe a good, long, grid-down event is what's needed to shock the gene pool...

    1. Bring some Zeke's over for supper tonight, Pete! We'll chow down! :)