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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

This ... Is CNN

I hope all you hatey white a-holes feel ashamed of
yourselves for all the rotten things you've said about

Sadly, this little driblet of satire is right up CNN's back alley these days. I no longer follow the mainstream news and turn to my fellow bloggers instead. The commentary is much more intelligent.

UPDATE: Courtesy Of The Feral Irishman:


  1. I was stationed in Miami for three years when I was in the military. While I was there, a guy living near us bought a new set of rims for his car. His friend liked the rims so much, he stole them, and put them on his own car. It suddenly dawned on him that the original owner would immediately recognize the rims. After all; they were friends. So he did the only thing he could do; he killed the original owner.

    THIS is Miami.

    My wife worked at an elementary school while we were there. One 1st grader was found using a joint as a bookmark. Another was using a condom for the same purpose. Condoms, by the way, were being handed out to 3RD GRADERS there...

    THIS is Miami.

    I've never seen such a place in my life, and hope to never see another one like it...

    1. Some people thrive in places like that too. I have a buddy that delights in stuff like that. He laughs when the Dindus light each other up, or Darwin and Murphy find extravagant ways to kill queers and degenerates and stupid people. You can't shock him, you can only make him laugh.

      I wonder, sometimes, if he knows something I don't...

    2. He probably knows his Ex would never think of looking for him there...

      Miami's one of those places where you look at the before and after pictures, and the houses either look the same, or they're cleaner...