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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

What Has Happened To Our Women

Arrest of a Femen protester in Belgium

Uncle Bob used to make a big deal that approx. 25% of north American women are on medically prescribed antidepressants. What drives them to his crap? Talk about demeaning women - this chick is being handled like a feral animal and that is exactly what she is.

Is it a maturity thing? What is it that these young women want? And the question has to be asked... would they really want it after they got it?

I'm mightily tempted to step in and tell those Euro-Wanks how to properly handle this:

Chicken Mom Spotted

Hmppfffff! I don't think it goes with her outfit but whadda I know? Maybe I yam just being catty, HAR HAR HAR!!!!!


When I was a kid my Grandad had the worst tattoos I had ever seen. I'm not kidding - they were ghastly. Gramps was not a swabbie, he was a doughboy in WW1. The tats obviously meant something but he never told us. He seemed ashamed of them. There were nudies and mermaids and some other stuff I couldn't make out, they were so bad.
All Dad could tell us was that a bunch of them probably got pished up on leave and went to the bar and tat parlour.
I am probably the only man in the world without a tattoo. I always wanted one as a kid but never found the time to go down and get one. And now that I'm an old fart I just don't see the need for 'em. 

Gun Porn

Shipping out to world famous author, adventurer and man about town - WL Emery, currently on safari in Namibiat!
He's probably on the patio of a posh hotel, sipping coffee in the sun,
dressed in khakis and going over his prep list for the next elephant hunt. 

Either that or he's soaked in gin! :)

He's Starting To Look Like A Visionary

I suppose this was the first shot fired in the culture war back in the 70's. I look at the greasy, elderly Meat Heads today... and their feral domineering wives... and I gotta say I would take Archie and Edith over them any day of the week, HAR HAR HAR!

I've never understood the welfare slob. I would rather have a job than get by on the dole any day.

She Got Them All Home

Or did she? A WW2 RAF bomber after a fun filled flight
over Germany

Monday, 30 October 2017

The REAL Danger Of Hobby Drones (And a BARF Post)

Good lord I'm getting old. No doubt if I was 16 I'd be telling guys like me to FOAD! (Mind you, Pete and his cackling hens are old farts and they tell me to FOAD too! HAR HAR HAR!!!) Of course they were all going off about little hobby drones dropping grenades, bio weapons and worse. It was all hogwash, of course, getting any significant weight or payload in the air is not possible with your average hobby drones - it takes a serious machine, costing many thousands of dollars and high priced, high tech video equipment before you can even begin to become a serious threat with a weaponized drone. I will concede that price point is coming down, though.

No, what concerns me about this hobby is stuff like this:

Rotor Riot: A step too far...

These kids are playing with fire. Their electronics are top notch. Their drones are balanced and trued to fly right to the limits of the pilot's ability - and there is no doubt that these kids are very, very good at what they do. The average slob is not capable of flying like this. 

I am all for the stunting and pushing those machines to their limits and beyond: but in the right place.
These things crash all the time. They run on cheap Chinese electronics for the most part and if you lose a motor or an ESC - that drone is going down on whatever is under it. One of these things hitting your car at those kind of speeds is going to do serious damage. If a pedestrian is hit, they are going to the hospital or the morgue.

If you fly one of these you have all the responsibilities of a regular pilot. If a private pilot did stuff like thAT, Transport Canada would throw the book at him and he would probably do time in prison - and rightfully so. You HAVE to keep these things away from people and that's all there is to it. The bigger they are, the farther away you need to be from people and property.

This little bugger fits in the palm of your hand and couldn't hurt anyone.
Nevertheless you still are obligated to
respect your neighbours.

I even got busted myself. On Friday I flew my little slow poke indoor quad outside because it was beautiful and calm. I flew over the neighbour's front yards and their cars and thought nothing about it because mine was only a little one - if I hit one of the boys with it he'd swat it and step on it and think it was a bug! It was far too small to hurt anything it might fall on. But the wife caught me at it and gave me chit: you don't walk over your neighbour's front yard, so ya darned well don't fly over it! It's bad manners. I'm glad she caught me and pointed that out; I forget that a lot of people don't see these toys the same way I do. (But I DID buzz some little kids with it in the park across the street - they were delighted by it and we all had fun).

Remember what you're doing and respect others. Keep it FUN.

Introspection, Turd Gobbling, Preachin' & Thinkin'

It was a really laid back weekend around Castello Di La Filthie: Saturday I took the dawgs down to their hunting spot by the river. Usually we see tons of geese and we bark them up from the river bank and they just peel off the water in droves – but there weren’t many there when we arrived. The deer interest me more than the dawgs and we didn’t see any of them either. It was the weirdest day: the skies were the colour of dull lead, the temps were way up in the shirt sleeve range – but the melancholy of the fall season was upon us. The leaves have mostly blown away, it’s time for the first snows and we should see ‘em later on this week. Macey had me cursing in rage when she found a pile of rabbit shit and ate the lot. I HATE it when she does that, she chews with her mouth open and ya can see it rolling round in her mouth and she smiles afterward! Mort was an a-hole too and had to be put on his leash. It seemed to be an unsettled day for all of us.

Canine caviar 

 I noticed the Blog-O-Meter quietly rolled over 200,000 during the weekend. I don’t really push my blog because the less people that hear me, it’s probably better! For those of you that stop by for the rude jokes, and occasionally crap in the comments – thanks for stopping by. Your time is more appreciated than you know.

On Sunday I went to the church and they were talking about the reformation. It was a good history lesson in spite of the preachin’ and speechin’ because we are in the exact same pickle today that Martin Luther was 500 years ago. The church has lost it’s way. Our leaders and politicians can’t be trusted further than you can throw them, and anybody that plays by the rules these days is a sucker.  In Martin Luther's time the printing press had finally arrived and that presented the same problems to the power brokers then as the internet does today: one poisoned mind can infect thousands of others in a heartbeat. They had kiniptions over putting the bible in the hands of the common man: without a doubt, some morally and intellectually bankrupt sod would abuse it’s power for his own purposes – but the noble class couldn’t be trusted with that power either. So it goes today. I just heard that some historical church down in the states is doing away with memorials to George Washington who actually worshipped there back when America was in its infancy. No doubt it's because he’s white, male, and hatey. And of course the lesbians, trannies and vibrants that run that church hate him with the heat of 1000 suns. Our pastor prattled a bit with that – on one hand, it’s obvious that some churches have been pozzed beyond any redemption – they’re havens and sanctuaries for lunatics and nutters that desperately want/need some kind of spiritual validity. On the other hand, plenty of good folks worship their Maker in different ways. The preacher made an excellent point about that, too – the bible doesn’t tell you NOT to judge; people that don’t judge don’t have judgement. It sets out the rules for judgement that hopefully keep us all on good terms with each other and our Maker … or at least, that is what I got out of it. All I know is that there’s a lot of really shitty people that want to control the internet and if they win I think we’ll be headed back into the dark ages. Who knows, I’m probly full a beans.

Apparently all that went down on Halloween 500 years ago.
I always thought Halloween was a day
for the kids - and it damned well should be...
But there's something in that for us old farts too.
It isn't that the creepy womyn and proggie lunatics have
taken over our churches.
We GAVE them those churches. The fault for what
happens in them lies with US.

Ordinarily I’d be at the range shooting after church, but the winds were awful. I went back home afterward and started building a new Crapcopter. I was thinking about all that stuff in church and soldered up a flight controller wrong. If I ever get it flying I will go over to Coopville and buzz the chickens to get them flapping and squawking – and then I’ll go over to Pete’s and buzz him and the old ladies to get them flapping and squawking too!!! HAR HAR HAR! This one is going to be a fast racer; able to hit speeds of 60 kts – but those crabby old bastards are plenty fast with the trap and skeet guns so it will be an entertaining difference of opinion if nothing else. That’s assuming I even get that POS in the air.

Friday, 27 October 2017


I am so hopping mad, I could fry eggs from 5 feet away!!! Sunny tells me some wank has moved in on my turf!


Did you see that?!? Quartermain was behind the bar flipping bottles and glasses and impressing the bubble gummers. BW was chatting up the ladies and WL was drinking something that cost at least $3.00!!! What the hell is wrong with you a-holes??? Are the brass spittoons here at Filthie's Speakeasy not good enough for ya? Are you too good to drink out of a jerry can???


It's hard to compete when they have drinking fountains in the toilets over there, and I have a clientele that includes dirty old creeps like Pete, Jack, George Bush and Harvey Weinstein. Has anybody seen Harv? The crack whores are asking about him....

I remember my glory days, when Filthie's Speakeasy was actually a honky-tonk. We had the best talent, the prettiest girls and the coolest guys for customers and were famous around these parts.

There's nothing for it. Sunny - round up the boys. I think we need to go drop in on Filthy's and lay down some law on those little pikers!!! There's nothing wrong with those guys we can't fix - with our fists!!!

This shouldn't take long folks!

Uncle Bob Lives

Honest Mistakes

Sell your underwear and get the UBR stock too - St. Filthie 07:15am

Even if you aren't a gun geek, and even if you are a lawful, mild mannered, good natured Christian... despite the irreverence this is darn good advice - presented with apologies to the pastors and my Maker...

Saturday Morning Cartoons - Reloaded

Ruh Roh!!!

I was young enough to watch those as a kid and even as a tot I thought they sucked. Thanks to modern meme-age, even the stinker cartoons of yesteryear can be redeemed. 

Preps For Halloween Continue Apace

Last year Quartermain, BW, WL and all the other little retards
egged and toilet papered my house 
on Halloween. Hopefully this will mollify them this year.
As a prank of my own every third candy is
laced with arsenic.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Crapcopter Terrorism - The Final Episode

Pete and the old women are hellbent on hating on drones. I was going to do a long post on why he's wrong, but said to hell with it. It's like arguing about gun control with a shitlib - they can put out a pile of BS in one sentence and you will have to write a novel to properly refute it. He gets his information from the media, darn it, and they in turn get their info from the FBI so it all just HAS to be true! Bah - no, terror attacks are not happening with small hobby drones right now. If some idiots want to believe that I suppose there is no harm in it. I was supposed to gobble and gibber in fright about warble gloaming too.

Remember that one a few weeks back? The idiots in the media said that two robots had evolved artificial intelligence and the scientists frantically shut them down when they "started evolving their own language to communicate." What really happened was that two robots slipped their cams and started spewing out gibberish. I woulda thunk Pete and the boys were smarter than that but maybe they're just yanking my chain.

Somebody in the comments brought up another ancedotal story about terrorists and 'autopilots' for drones - the plot was foiled 15 years ago by the FBI. They aren't autopilots, they're PID flight controllers and can be integrated with GPS technologies (none of this tech was available to hobbyists 15 years ago - but don't let that stop ya if you have a good whopper to tell). I swear - some old men are as bad as clucky old women! HAR HAR HAR! I would have to write a novel to clean up after that guy too!

The kids at Flitetest did a spectacular vid on precision drone work a couple years ago. This is what will actually go into getting a usable payload aloft and to its destination. Imagine that instead of a juice box or a candy bar - the kids were working with grenades or Semtex. Yeah - this is what has my fellow old geezers gobbling in fright! Do enjoy the vid even if you aren't a hobby drone pilot or an elderly concern troll - the acting is superb, the technology is boggling and the kids manage to share a lot of fun. And that is mostly what drones are all about.

Heroic Crapcopters used for the Forces of Good - not Evil.

Y'all have a good Thursday! As for me, I am going to join the old farts down at McDonald's that take up half the tables, buy only one coffee and then stay there for hours chattering and babbling and solving the problems of the world. I might start wearing high-rider flood pants too.

Get off my lawn you little shits!!!!

It's Dawg Christmas

It must be Big Garbage Day.

People are putting out old mattresses, broken furniture and other stuff with the regular garbage. And of course the damned dawgs wanted to stop and smell it all! Mort wanted to pee on some of it, Macey wanted to open garbage bags to see if there was any good stuff and our walk took twice as long as usual.

I was hoping one of you would leave an old lawn mower out - if you rip off the engine and flip the lower deck - you can improvise a handy backyard forced draft forge out of them.

Hook the old lady's hair dryer up to it - and you got red hot iron, baby!
Even Firehand over at the Elm Tree Forge would
have to be impressed.

Maybe next year Filthie's Smithy will happen. I wonder if dawgs have their own Santa Claus or they just use ours. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Pretty Sure I Could Do That...

but I definitely wouldn't look as good doing it...

We set one of these up in the gymnasium of Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Retards for the kids to work out on. Unfortunately Pete F lost control and sling shot himself into the next county over. He landed smack dab in the middle of a Hillary Clinton book signing event and bowled them all over like ten pins for a perfect strike.

Folks, I think we have a new Captain for the team in the Special Olympics next year.

When We Were Kings

What Are People From Denmark Called?


Awhile back I remember reading that those chits were trying to lay claim to some God forsaken sand bar or island in the far north. How in hell they figure they gotta claim to it - I will never know. SOB's would go up there in the summer, occupy some long abandoned outpost on the island for a couple days, and then leave with one of their flags planted on it as a raised middle finger to us hosers down here in sunnier climes. 

These cannons would make a great start for defending our turf but I think we seriously need to escalate this and send a hockey team over there to kick their asses and learn 'em a lesson.

Gun Porn

I dunno why I want this - I just do!

My experience with pistol calibre carbines is that they aren't much better than pistols accuracy-wise... they're just easier to shoot. If you ever have the fortune to meet a man that understands pistolcraft you will see what I mean. Back in the day when metallic silhouette shooting was all the rage we had a pig set up at 100m. If I remember, my hold was about two feet over to plink it with a .45ACP. I thought I was an ace until I found out about Bill Blankenship. At the time his stunt was to grab any of the new 10mm Colt Delta Elites off the assembly line, right at the factory - and take it out to the range where he would drop 12" steel plates at 200m.

I always wanted a 10mm but never got around to it. It's too late now because I am too old, fat and lazy to chase the brass around so I can reload it.

But that sure is a neat looking squirt gun...

Prepper Porn

That chick is way too thin for my tastes...

I like the preppers. But the poor wretched creatures are all thin as rails from eating nothing but cabbage, roots and leaves that they grow in their gardens. Guys like Sunnybrook and PP over at The Smallhold (he might have starved to death already) - are all beanpoles.

When the end of the world comes I will eat what I want and die like a man! HAR HAR HAR!!!

HAR HAR HAR Ulp - gak! I think I'm having a heart attack.... somebody call 911...!

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Presented Without Comment

Inter-racial marriage is all the rage right now amongst the proggies. I wish I could remember where I found it. It was a statistical chart that showed the stats for inter-racial marriage between blacks and whites. The divorce rate approached the high 90's for black men marrying white women. For white men marrying black women it was in the mid 80's if I remember correctly. I tried looking for it but for some mysterious reason it vanished down the memory hole. Or at least, I think it was a memory hole...

But whatever. Watching a dude get punched out by his old lady is like falling face first into the mud - it's only funny when it happens to somebody else! HAR HAR HAR!

Probly Full A Retards Too....

Buses don't get much shorter n' that...!

Girl Politics

There's a time and a place for a fella to keep his mouth shut. There's also a time when some fuggin idiot opens his mouth and exercises his rights to freedom of speech and opinion - you gotta get in his face and exercise your rights too. With this chick, I would probly keep my mouth firmly shut. One look at her face tells ya that she knows it all and there's nothing you can say that will change it.

I dunno what to do with chit like this, I just don't. I do know that kids having access to abortion and birth control without their parent's consent is wrong, and that forcing Christians and tax payers to pay for it is wrong too. If your body is your own, chickie, then you can damned well pay for your own recreational sex - and the consequences of it too!

Yannow there's people out there that'll tell ya that guys like Yours Truly are the most dangerous thing going: angry old white men with guns, most of 'em could easily be tried and found guilty in any politically correct kangaroo court of crimes like homophobia, racism and misogyny. I say women like that chick above are far more dangerous; she's pretty, and if she is articulate and savvy - I can see a face like that sending men to war.

This face probably WILL send men to war.

Uncle Bob once said that women are fascists and socialists by nature and I pretty much have to agree. Last weekend I went over to Mom and Pop's, wanting nothing more than to say hello, crack a few rude jokes with Pop - and say goodbye. Instead Mom decided that I had to have my face rubbed in her shitlib/femcnut politics - and I just had to leave in disgust. When women decide that they are going to drink the koolaid, by God - you had better drink it too...or else! Many men are quite happy to let the woman wear the pants in their families. I think it lets them pose as progressive and enlightened while fobbing off their responsibilities on someone else. From what I've seen and the divorce rates - I don't think it works all that well for them.

Our women have come a long way and no bones about it ... but do they really know where they're headed? 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Get Your Rightwing Extremism Here

Lookit all that white privilege going on!!! And patriarchy!!!!
Doesn't it make your stomach turn?!?!

Ye gods. How did we go from that ... to this:

I can't help but feel we've lost our way.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hobby Drones As Weapons Of Terror


Let us recap and review: awhile back The Pastor and his clucky old women were all gobbling in fright about how the muzzle monkeys were gonna duct-tape explosives and grenades to hobby drones - and fly them into squaddies in the field and blow them to smithereens. Ever the aviation professional and the voice of restraint and reason - I tried to dissuade the boys of such hysteria in the comments - and got egged and royally flushed in the comments for my noble efforts! Details here. Now before we're too hard on Pete and the girls - you have to realize that they had seen reports in the media claiming the very same. I don't trust those a-holes further than I can throw 'em and I called bullshit on them too. But the boys were adamant: hobby drones were gonna be used to drop metal bars across power lines to short out city wide grids; hobby drones would be used to drop biologicals; hobby drones would render American forces obsolete and helpless.

Common sense should have prevailed even in the media. Think about it - if these things could do all that Uncle Sam would have finished off Al Quieda, ISIS, and pretty much all the terrorists in the world long ago with them. He sure as hell wouldn't be spending money on the big drones.You can bet that fat prick in North Korea would have had a drone flown up his arse too! HAR HAR HAR! I'm a veteran at this kind of shite - as a gun owner, I'm told that I'm a threat to national security and a home grown terrorist because I think liberals are morons and refuse to be disarmed by them. A lot of morons will go along with them on that too. In the media, gun owners are depicted either as psychos and time bombs. The next time the media tells you to fear something or someone - tell them to FOAD and back up and think.

Having been thoroughly humiliated by Pete and the boys - I went home and decided to game this out on a rudimentary out-house level. I got my big heavy lift hobby drone - I looked up the weight of your average fragmentation grenade on the internet - tried to see if I could at least simulate a drone attack with what I had. Details here.

Long story short - the Crapcopter couldn't even get airborne with a grenade sized load. This yap about blowing up Marines and Rangers with hobby drones is just so much bull. Hobby drones are TOYS. On the battlefield their main threat potential is as a reconnaissance tool. The bad guys can watch our squaddies with them and no bones about it. That's a huge tactical problem but the good news is we can watch them too - and we do, very very closely, with superior optics and night vision. Also, electronically jamming them probably wouldn't be that difficult.

That's not a drone...

THIS is a drone!

I suppose some caveats are in order, lest I get pounded by the Pastor and his gang again. It may be that there IS a hobby drone somewhere that can lift enough payloads that they could be dangerous... but I doubt it. The hobbyist doesn't need (or want) that kind of lift capability. However - heavy lift drones ARE out there that can.  This monster below is a heavy lift octorotor used for aerial photography work. If ya took the camera and mount off and replaced them with high explosives - I am guessing that beast probably will come in around $10,000.00 beans. That is not a hobby machine, and I doubt you would want to fly such an investment with my cheap 6 channel radio. Will the rag heads be using these against us one day? Maybe, but I doubt it. If terror is the goal, there are just better, more effective and less elaborate ways to kill people.

That fiendish looking thing looks like it should be 
chasing Spider-Man around.
If you're a dad and you want to have some real fun with hobby drones and the kids, the place to start is Flite Test.
If you're an old fart that wants to engage himself
there's at least 3 or 4 technologies going on here that are university level professions 
unto themselves. This sport can be as challenging as you
want to make it.

In any event I had a lot of fun teasing Pete and the boys and that's what it's all about. They sell the kits or you can design your own as I did - but their electrohubs make your first build much easier - that is what my Crapcopter is built from. 

Have a great Sunday and go be with your families. And to the Marines - I hope your Sunday is a slack one and that you're having some well earned down-time.


Saturday, 21 October 2017

I Am Still Going To Kill Some Marines....

Good day all~

Ahah U Fukbar everyone!!! Dirka Dirka Dirka Mohammed Jihad!!! Blood will flow in rivers, American pig-dogs!!!!

Ay yi yiyiyiyiyi!!!!!!! DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!!

From the link above I am still going to conduct that hypothetical thought experiment in which we will use a small hobby drone to rain death and destruction down on victims below! I've had some complaints about my tardiness and I apologize. I wanted to see if I could hook up and program a separate servo to actually drop our 'bomb' on it's target - assuming I could get the payload aloft. Sure it can be done - but I would have to pull the Crapcopter completely apart and rebuild it and buy a new 9 channel radio. Too much bloody work for me but now that I think about it I would need several to drop a grenade. The drone would need to pull the pin AND drop the grenade. How to do that? I've never handled an M67 grenade because guys like me shouldn't be trusted with sharp tools, never mind grenades! HAR HAR HAR!!!! Are any of you guys squaddies? I would assume there has to be some kind of safety mechanism to prevent the pins from being pulled by accident, right? I suppose that becomes another line of discussion in all this: how many channels would I need, and what are the mechanics I need to employ to arm the grenade? It may or may not be valid to assume that if the task is too complicated for me to bother with it - it would be for Jihadi John too. Will the Esteemed Members Of The Peanut Gallery allow the assumption that hobby drones cannot be used to drop grenades? Let us assume instead that the hobby drone will be used as an expendable part of the attack scenario, ie: we will improvise an explosive charge the same weight as an M67 grenade - and fly it into the hypothetical Platoon of Marines and the drone will be lost in the explosion. Can we accept that? If so, I will attempt my first sortie with our simulated explosive payload tomorrow and I'll let you know how it goes. 

In the meantime, we need to understand the realities of small explosives on human beings. If I remember correctly, Larry Vickers is a former Navy SEAL, or a Ranger or some such, and he knows his way around small explosive munitions. As I watched the vid below it drives home how inefficient these things really are: you literally almost have to drop these things down the shorts of your foe to kill him. Watch the vid below; and think about it: you are the terrorist in this experiment. You are walking in his shoes. Do you REALLY want to wound a United States Marine? Never mind his buddies in the special forces  - they are even MEANER than the jar head is! For me, I would rather hunt and wound a black or grizzily bear than the Marine because unless he goes unconscious - the Marine can think... and he is going to want pay back!

So hopefully this opens a few eyes. Yes, you probably can jury rig a drone, and fly it into a platoon and maybe kill or hurt a few of them - but this is not the terror weapon that the bedwetters and panty waists were crying about. By far - the most serious damage these things have is on morale and as usual the slobs in the media are doing their best to help out with that.

Stay tuned - tomorrow - we take to the air!!!

PS - I think Quartermain pooped in the workings of the blogger machine again! My fonts are coming out wonky and I can't seem to edit today! Maybe we should set him up on the grenade range to teach him a lesson...! Hope you're having a great weekend...

Friday, 20 October 2017

Gotta Be Marines...

Word to the wise - if ya don't get it - it's because you were raised right
and stayed away from creeps n' perverts.
Bask in your innocence.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

I'll Have One, If You're Pouring...

It's Friday, right? 
Sadly, reality: $17,000/bottle.

When We Were Kings

Dawgs Are Perverts By Nature

There's a really good rude joke in there somewhere but it's
too early in the morning and I haven't
had my coffee yet.
What day is it...?

Any News Out Of Coopville?

None of my darn business of course. Chicken Mom is one of those people I think that is always happy and upbeat and I wonder if family tragedies hit people like that harder than others? Poor kid. I just saw this picture and thought of her. Hope everything's okay over there...

Errrr.... Irony Is...

BW Spotted

From The Bowels Of Dr. Filthie's Laboratory...

The horror!!!! The horror....

A ferocious wind blew up the other day that sent all the beautiful fall leaves on their way. The sky is the colour of lead, and though it was unseasonably warm at first - the temps dived. Now they're bouncing around a bit. Mother Nature hasn't quite fully committed to winter yet. We might get one or two more great days... but fall is definitely here. I don't mind because that means Halloween is on the way too. I hope a lot of kids manage to get out and have some fun - but it looks like it's going to get harder to do that soon.

The Halloween costume thing has been in the news lately. Recently some mental midget teachers in Winterpig decided that Halloween costumes are too scary for the little kids and decided to have a 'Scarf and Tie Day' instead. Uncle Bob once said that our public schools should be burned to the ground with the teachers trapped inside - and then the earth upon which they stood should be salted. If the measure of a man is taken by the extent that he agrees with you, Uncle Bob was a genius.

In the universities the bed wetting snowflakes are older; they can wear costumes as long as they don't offend little Bolsheviks, vibrants, hairy chested feminists, or the myriad pan-gendered crotch warriors and stupid kids. A helpful guide has been prepared for your edification:

Pretty much the size of it...

Stuff like this used to piss me off but not anymore. In the scheme of things, letting proggie liberals destroy Halloween is small potatoes compared to their horrific failed social experiments and attacks on our freedoms and common sense. All Halloween is - was - was a corny old tradition and a healthy and wholesome day for the kids to celebrate the end of fall and the onset of winter. It was something to look forward too during a bleak part of the year.

How corny was it? Thankfully we have YouTube. Sure it's being over run by culture warriors seeking to censor everything - but sometimes, in spite of itself - it serves to remind us all of better times when we were better people.

Enjoy a Thursday Monster Mash!
From the good old days, when ham acting adults
created movies and stories for kids they actually loved.
Apologies in advance to the stupid kids that are offended or frightened.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

From The Lost Files Of CW's "Art Of Speed"

Apparently this is a Peugot folding bicycle, vintage 1899.
Errrrmmmm... how do ya pronounce that? "Poog-got"? "Peeeyooh-zho"?

In Better Times, When We Were Better People

Even in black and white, ya can just tell they're Red Coats

Dindu Nuffin

Sheeeeeiiiit. Once again, The Honkey is keeping the Black Man down.

I've been just itchin' to use this horrible cartoon in a blog post but just couldn't get the right time and place to post it. But thanks to our helpful black activist - I finally have an excuse!

Who did this cartoon? A six year old? HAR HAR HAR!!!
But...yup, that's about the size of it...

When I become Emperor of North America, all street protest will become illegal and violators will be met with billy clubs, attack dogs and rubber bullets. Idiots that want to brawl should take it down to the stockyards where the losers can be promptly turned into nutritious meat by-products  for their intellectual peers in the working underclass.

Try That Again In 30 Years You Little Chits

As I get older and uglier one thing that just seems to leap out at me more and more is how beautiful the kids are. She is as thin and pretty as a picture, he is handsome and strong ... we were like that once, back when we were kings and queens.

Oh Hell Yes

Mama's Boys

Stuff like this seems to go in spurts. Somebody loses a loved one - and then everyone else does too at roughly the same time. Or maybe it's a great day out and everyone is in good cheer. Right now it is us poor hapless old slobs coping with our elderly mothers. Ya see the same thing on the road: somebody's having a bad day and driving like an enraged a-hole - and next thing ya know they're all driving like morons.

Last weekend we went to Mom & Pops and it was the shits. Mom and I are increasingly at odds. Back in the day she and Gramma played shitty, vicious head games with each other and now I think Mom figures it's my turn. She'll throw out some cutting, offhand remark, or goad me into fighting about the stupidest stuff and then laugh at me as I chimp out in rage. Last time I got up and left. My poor wife was so embarrassed as was Pop. And my mom sat there smirking, pleased as punch with herself. Afterward I was so damned mad you could feel the heat from 5 feet away! She had goaded me into making an ass of myself! Again! Sigh. I suppose it doesn't take much.

Of course our manly friends over at The Art Of Manliness have all the answers on how to deal with shitty, feral women. I stopped reading over there years ago and now I remember why. I suppose the stuff in that article might work with younger moms and sons. And I suppose it would work if the son were as pure as the driven snow and asserting his maturity. I know my limitations and weaknesses because I push them all the time. I am a difficult and contrary man at times too. It's just that that beshitted woman knows my hot buttons and she jumps on them with both feet regularly now. It was all I could do to leave their place last weekend without telling that old bitch where to go and how to get there! She's not old and stupid yet, I don't think... but I can't tell for sure because I am young and stupid and that old bint can still run circles around me in a duel of wits, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Goddammitalltohell. Why does it have to be a battle? Outside of my wife the women in my life are all fuggin nuts. Their idiot men bow down to them and take it and they get pissed at me too when I refuse.

But the good news is that there's always the big kids around going through the same thing or something similar... and you can go to 'em for helpful advice. BW Bandy, as usual, handles such things with grace and skill: good cheer, small battles, easily won, easily forgotten I think I shall follow his fine example to the letter.

I dunno how to proceed with this. For now I think I will take a break and keep my distance from mom. I think maybe she needs to think a bit and I know I sure as hell do. There's rude jokes to be savoured and enjoyed, there's a pile of rifle work - and as always - dawgs to be tortured and tormented. One of my favourite gunslingers on YouTube has a saying that should be a cornerstone of our psyche: Life Is Good.

Have a great Tuesday y'all.

Monday, 16 October 2017

I'm Sure The Bugs Living In It Would Agree...

Oh yecchhht. Meet your new leftist heart throb, ladies. I'm sure Turdo La Doo will be crushed too, given how much time he spends on his hair too! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Who has better hair...??? According to the diaper head - he does!
Guess we'll all have to tune in to the Tranna Star's next
exciting episode of 'Packies On Parade' to find out...

The comedy's already begun with the vibrant shiny token chosen to lead the Dippers. He's accusing the CBC of being racist!!!! Only Canadians can appreciate the humour of this: the CBC is so revoltingly politically correct that nobody watches it - and they have the ratings to prove it! HAR HAR HAR!

We are all racists now! Isn't it great?

Great Canadian Sound Effects: Thubbadathubbadathubbaduh....!!!!

What in the world makes a noise like that?

Why - that's the sound BW Bandy makes as he falls down all the stairs at posh winter retreats in the Canadian Rockies:

Don't anybody worry about him - he'll just give his head a shake, walk it off - and head into the bar for some medicinal Black Bull Scotch to restore his constitution.

Being A Conspiracy Nut Isn't Easy...

You're not really paranoid if they are actually out to get you.

I've kinda avoided the Vegas shooting because all I know is that something is going on. A fact comes out, a fact is refuted. The guy was a millionaire, no he wasn't. A security guard was shot and killed - errrr, no he wasn't. He won a huge pile of cash, and the IRS was called off when they went to shake him down for their cut. Nobody knew when he checked in. That link above is as good a version of events as any: an illegal immigrant was employed to ensure the safety of the hotel and it's guests and they got exactly the level of competence they paid for. Whatever. Of course the media can't be trusted further than you can throw them. They don't even pretend to be objective any more and as for fact checking...? Whatz dat???

When I was a kid and started shooting and learning my stuff as a rifleman I remember watching the rehash of the JFK assassinations. I watched stupid people gobble and cackle about how any clot headed dirt digger with a cheap milsurp mail order rifle can fire at speeds approaching a semi-automatic and with the precision of a tuned sniper rifle - and assassinate a President with the greatest of ease. I watched people that obviously knew better go along with the story even though their equally knowledgeable peers and ballistics experts disagreed. All I know is that the perp did not shoot JFK with that rifle. That's all that I know and probably all I WANT to know. A lot of guys involved with that are conveniently dead and the records remain sealed.

I admit I got suckered on 911. Despite looking like textbook controlled demolitions, when the Twin Towers came down I thought it just as the press played it: the jets crashing into the towers weakened their structures and they came down on top of the fire and rescue workers below. The only problem with that was that the firefighters proved the lie of it: they are experts in risk assessment; and those buildings are made to withstand catastrophes like that. They wouldn't have gone in if they thought the buildings would come down on top of them the way they did. As I got more involved with ironworkers and the steel industries - I can tell you that burning jet fuel doesn't come anywhere CLOSE to blowing the temper out of structural steel. Bullshit, smoke and mirrors surround 911 too.

I watch in growing fury as the media attacks Trump and conservative citizens. They are part of it, I suspect - but now they are incredibly brazen about it. Trump says something on a tweet that everyone can read and see for themselves - and the media is full of how he actually said something else. They not only want to speak for us, they want to think for us as well. I am past being outraged at them, I only read them now for the comedy content.

I am not a conspiracy nut. I don't wear tin foil hats, or worry about chem trails or cabals of eeeeeevil jooooos. But - I do know when I am being played and hustled. I don't know what the play was with the JFK shooting. I don't know why the twin towers came down. I don't know what the play is with this Vegas shooting - I know only that the ball is in play; and that some very powerful people are involved.

All I know is that the enemy is inside our perimeter. There's probably more than one. People are not who they say they are. And who knows how that works out either - I suspect they are playing each other with the same gusto they play us.

What's to be done about all this? I'm asking because I don't know. I personally don't want to be a tin foil hatter, or paranoid... but I will not be used as a pawn either. Now, more than every, is the time to stop watching their hands and their lips move - watch the corners, watch the magician's other hand, peer into corners and spaces you otherwise wouldn't... and try not to jump at shadows.

Jack's Home And Garden

Jack's probly on the other side doing the same thing...

Hunter's Home And Garden

...wonder if that is Wirecutter's place...
Hope your 2017 hunting season is going well!