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Thursday, 12 October 2017

A Proper Wedding Proposal - They Just Gotta Be Texans

Way up here in Alberta we are much like Texans ourselves - except maybe better looking and with more money. (Yeah, I know the Dippers are in charge - but the idiots that voted for them all left during the oil crash, and the Dips will get kicked to the curb with the same enthusiasm Obutthole and Hillary were in the next election). But I digress! Lookit this:

But... what is that contraption on the right? Fuggin Texans!
Somebody needs to learn 'em a thing or two about propriety, tastefulness and formality!

Women should have guns that are as businesslike as ours - but those guns should be as elegant and lady-like as they are. Looking at this, I am strongly tempted to propose again to my wife, have a second honeymoon and do it right now that we're older, have a little bit of money and can afford some of the finer things in life. A proper gun for a Texas Proposal? Let us consider our choices:

Hmmmm... is that too sexy for a mature woman...?

The wife always liked these. They're classic, elegant
little pistols. Problem is that liberals are all fags that are
afraid of guns and we can't buy these in Canada anymore. They're 

Ah-ha! There we go! What? Don't think this is a lady-like pistol?

Au contraire!
If it's good enough for a class act like Agent Scully of The X Files...
it should pass for my Missus. Monsters and villains alike
do not fare well against an angry woman with a Sig P226.

Welp... I'm going to my first job interview in 9 years. Wish me luck and have yourselves a great Thursday.