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Monday, 16 October 2017

Being A Conspiracy Nut Isn't Easy...

You're not really paranoid if they are actually out to get you.

I've kinda avoided the Vegas shooting because all I know is that something is going on. A fact comes out, a fact is refuted. The guy was a millionaire, no he wasn't. A security guard was shot and killed - errrr, no he wasn't. He won a huge pile of cash, and the IRS was called off when they went to shake him down for their cut. Nobody knew when he checked in. That link above is as good a version of events as any: an illegal immigrant was employed to ensure the safety of the hotel and it's guests and they got exactly the level of competence they paid for. Whatever. Of course the media can't be trusted further than you can throw them. They don't even pretend to be objective any more and as for fact checking...? Whatz dat???

When I was a kid and started shooting and learning my stuff as a rifleman I remember watching the rehash of the JFK assassinations. I watched stupid people gobble and cackle about how any clot headed dirt digger with a cheap milsurp mail order rifle can fire at speeds approaching a semi-automatic and with the precision of a tuned sniper rifle - and assassinate a President with the greatest of ease. I watched people that obviously knew better go along with the story even though their equally knowledgeable peers and ballistics experts disagreed. All I know is that the perp did not shoot JFK with that rifle. That's all that I know and probably all I WANT to know. A lot of guys involved with that are conveniently dead and the records remain sealed.

I admit I got suckered on 911. Despite looking like textbook controlled demolitions, when the Twin Towers came down I thought it just as the press played it: the jets crashing into the towers weakened their structures and they came down on top of the fire and rescue workers below. The only problem with that was that the firefighters proved the lie of it: they are experts in risk assessment; and those buildings are made to withstand catastrophes like that. They wouldn't have gone in if they thought the buildings would come down on top of them the way they did. As I got more involved with ironworkers and the steel industries - I can tell you that burning jet fuel doesn't come anywhere CLOSE to blowing the temper out of structural steel. Bullshit, smoke and mirrors surround 911 too.

I watch in growing fury as the media attacks Trump and conservative citizens. They are part of it, I suspect - but now they are incredibly brazen about it. Trump says something on a tweet that everyone can read and see for themselves - and the media is full of how he actually said something else. They not only want to speak for us, they want to think for us as well. I am past being outraged at them, I only read them now for the comedy content.

I am not a conspiracy nut. I don't wear tin foil hats, or worry about chem trails or cabals of eeeeeevil jooooos. But - I do know when I am being played and hustled. I don't know what the play was with the JFK shooting. I don't know why the twin towers came down. I don't know what the play is with this Vegas shooting - I know only that the ball is in play; and that some very powerful people are involved.

All I know is that the enemy is inside our perimeter. There's probably more than one. People are not who they say they are. And who knows how that works out either - I suspect they are playing each other with the same gusto they play us.

What's to be done about all this? I'm asking because I don't know. I personally don't want to be a tin foil hatter, or paranoid... but I will not be used as a pawn either. Now, more than every, is the time to stop watching their hands and their lips move - watch the corners, watch the magician's other hand, peer into corners and spaces you otherwise wouldn't... and try not to jump at shadows.


  1. also know that 'something' has been planned and is being executed.
    don't know by whom nor what exactly is the goal.
    we can assume that power and wealth are the top goals, but what that will mean for the majority of us is well hidden.
    i keep praying that God will protect us as we can be certain sure that all of it is evil and none of it will result in the common good.

  2. What you said about the magician; I said that throughout the Obama "presidency." In my eyes, Obama was a Trojan horse; a Manchurian candidate.

    The Vegas shooting; very convenient, this happening as legislation for CCW reciprocity between states wasin process; very convenient, indeed...

    Trouble is, so many people have their eyes glued to a TV, computer screen, or smart phone, that they don't see what's going on around them. That, Glen, is the most dangerous thing of all...