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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Crapcopter Terrorism - The Final Episode

Pete and the old women are hellbent on hating on drones. I was going to do a long post on why he's wrong, but said to hell with it. It's like arguing about gun control with a shitlib - they can put out a pile of BS in one sentence and you will have to write a novel to properly refute it. He gets his information from the media, darn it, and they in turn get their info from the FBI so it all just HAS to be true! Bah - no, terror attacks are not happening with small hobby drones right now. If some idiots want to believe that I suppose there is no harm in it. I was supposed to gobble and gibber in fright about warble gloaming too.

Remember that one a few weeks back? The idiots in the media said that two robots had evolved artificial intelligence and the scientists frantically shut them down when they "started evolving their own language to communicate." What really happened was that two robots slipped their cams and started spewing out gibberish. I woulda thunk Pete and the boys were smarter than that but maybe they're just yanking my chain.

Somebody in the comments brought up another ancedotal story about terrorists and 'autopilots' for drones - the plot was foiled 15 years ago by the FBI. They aren't autopilots, they're PID flight controllers and can be integrated with GPS technologies (none of this tech was available to hobbyists 15 years ago - but don't let that stop ya if you have a good whopper to tell). I swear - some old men are as bad as clucky old women! HAR HAR HAR! I would have to write a novel to clean up after that guy too!

The kids at Flitetest did a spectacular vid on precision drone work a couple years ago. This is what will actually go into getting a usable payload aloft and to its destination. Imagine that instead of a juice box or a candy bar - the kids were working with grenades or Semtex. Yeah - this is what has my fellow old geezers gobbling in fright! Do enjoy the vid even if you aren't a hobby drone pilot or an elderly concern troll - the acting is superb, the technology is boggling and the kids manage to share a lot of fun. And that is mostly what drones are all about.

Heroic Crapcopters used for the Forces of Good - not Evil.

Y'all have a good Thursday! As for me, I am going to join the old farts down at McDonald's that take up half the tables, buy only one coffee and then stay there for hours chattering and babbling and solving the problems of the world. I might start wearing high-rider flood pants too.

Get off my lawn you little shits!!!!


  1. What a howl! I can just imagine a bunch of rag heads screwing around with something like this and trying not to blow themselves up.

    1. Well yeah, Jack. It would be MORE work and more dangerous to futz with a store bought drone than it would be to build your own.
      There is villainy afoot here in the way the guys are getting stick handled; but they're letting the press do it and they are going along so whaddya do except smile and watch the comedy.

  2. something like this and trying not to blow themselves up.