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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Game ON: Myth Busting

We've had a difference of opinion going on over at Pete's.

The boys are all a-flutter about drones. Something about people playing with these things just seems to set grumpy old men off. Now they are all gasping in shock and clutching at their pearls because the filthie jihadies from Dirkadirkastan are apparently using these things to drop bombs on our helpless squaddies and Marines! Oh noes!!!!!

Dirka dirka! Dirka dirka Mohammed jihad!!!

I can't believe we're even having this argument. The boys (and the turd brained journalists from FOX in the viddeeyah) - are telling us that hobby drones like mine can be used to drop grenades, bombs, bioweapons and thermite on innocent civilians, grumpy old men, and kittens.

My drone is a home made affair that has fair lift capacity for a drone. It's lifting capacity is easily 75% that of the biggest of the so-called hobby drones.

Don't get me wrong; the surveillance and reconnaissance abilities of small drones can give the bad guys a big edge under the right circumstances. But - dropping bombs? I personally don't think it's possible but we need to find out. In the next week or two I will try to rig up a test and see - how much weight can my drone actually lift?

That's an M67 fragmentation grenade.
According to the specs I have this thing weighs 390 grams.
I am going to try and lift a similar mass - and see if it 
can be flown with any kind of precision with my own hobby drone that I
built a couple years ago.

I would dearly love to test this with an actual, live, hand grenade - but for some stupid reason our police department figgers that guys like me probably shouldn't be playing with stuff like this. It's probably for the best, given my numerous psychological and emotional problems, HAR HAR HAR!

Place your bets now, folks. Will Filthie's crapcopter be able to deliver a lethal payload of explosive?

We'll find out!

This is a tricopter that belongs to Flapz. 
Mine is a V Tail quad rotor.

Death from above!!!!!
Will the Minions be able to put an M67 sized payload of high explosive into the air?
Will they be able to bomb Pete and the USMC into submission?
Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!!!

I shouldn't mock the boys. The fact of the matter is these things are getting bigger and cheaper all the time and their capabilities are expanding exponentially. Here is an example of a small racing drone (about the size of your hand if you stretch out your fingers):

Keep in mind that Nurk is a sorcerer class pilot, respected
by the aviation gods themselves. Even by his standards - this is some world class flying. Guys like you and I probably will
never be able to fly like this -
never mind some dirty, yodelling moslem mudflap who wipes with his
hands and does unspeakable things to nanny goats.

We'll see where this goes, and I'll keep ya posted.


  1. Incredible. The man flies under the train, into and out of an empty box car, loops the bridge, and gave me motion sickness.

    I've got an anti-drone gun mounted on my rooftop, so...

    1. Nurk flies at speeds that call for good wing shooting skills, WL. And for the record I don't agree with the way he flies. These things rely on cheap Chinese electronics and even the little drones can hurt you if one falls on your from heights. I noted with some chagrin that he got way too close to the engineer driving the train too - that was bloody bad manners.
      When I fly it's on empty rural playgrounds and I stay well away from ornery old coots with guns because if I lose a pricey drone to them, it's MY fault and would serve me right.
      Drone pilots have a duty of care not to endanger others or violate their privacy and peace. The vast majority of us are good that way.

  2. I'm waiting for results on this one. I've never flown a drone (but always wanted to) and don't know much about the way they operate. That being the case, there was a post on YouTube featuring some garage engineer that had attached a 9mm pistol to the undercarriage of a four propeller drone, and could fly, sight, and torch off a few - all via remote control. My S&W Md. 59 weighs 1.84 pounds unloaded, so I'm thinking that you're on thin ice with this one. Maybe worse yet, if you do pull this off some rag head is liable to watch it and copy your design.

    Or not.

    For testing purposes I recommend dropping an incendiary device on a genuine, verified, copy of the Quran - then let the dumbbells try and find Canada and navigate the highways during the winter time.

    Oh yeah, and if the fire gets out of hand, you can always put the Quran out by pissing on it. Get the old ball and chain to help you - they'll love that one. Then stand by for an International Religious Reaction.

    Hell, I'd pay $5 USD to be a part of that number.