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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Gun Porn

I dunno why I want this - I just do!

My experience with pistol calibre carbines is that they aren't much better than pistols accuracy-wise... they're just easier to shoot. If you ever have the fortune to meet a man that understands pistolcraft you will see what I mean. Back in the day when metallic silhouette shooting was all the rage we had a pig set up at 100m. If I remember, my hold was about two feet over to plink it with a .45ACP. I thought I was an ace until I found out about Bill Blankenship. At the time his stunt was to grab any of the new 10mm Colt Delta Elites off the assembly line, right at the factory - and take it out to the range where he would drop 12" steel plates at 200m.

I always wanted a 10mm but never got around to it. It's too late now because I am too old, fat and lazy to chase the brass around so I can reload it.

But that sure is a neat looking squirt gun...

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  1. Check this: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., MGC 1967 UNCLE Special Carbine . I always liked watching the Man from UNCLE. The show got so popular that the US government actually had people trying to reach the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement to enlist.