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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Has Anyone Seen Quartermain...?

And how in the hell did he get to Florida???

I woulda thunk a pervert like him woulda gone up to Norman Wells! HAR HAR HAR! When I was a kid I wanted to go up there because one of my heroes and roll models was a millwright or a tin basher that always proudly wore a tee shirt with a pic of a rig pig dry humping a polar bear and the caption said "YA GOTTA BE TOUGH TO LIVE IN NORMAN WELLS".

For those a you that don't know where Norman Wells is - it's way yup north in the Northwest Territories. It's so far outta the way, that not even BW Bandy gets up there - and if he did, he'd have to watch out for polar bears AND rig pigs! HAR HAR HAR!

Apparently ya gotta be tough to live in Florida too - and knowing Quartermain as I do I will bet the poor gator got the worst of it!  :)


  1. Replies
    1. Where are you out of, if ya don't mind my asking? As always - thanks for dropping by and being a good sport about the ribbing... :)

    2. The mid-west, Iowa in particular.

    3. There's some question about Iowa supporting intelligent life.

    4. The same question can be asked about your state.

  2. You don't have to be tough to live in Florida, but you have to be able to stand the heat and humidity. I lived in Jax for a few years and enjoyed it. Every day during the summer the temperature would get above 90° and the humidity would be around 80%. Then, just when everything was nicely baked, it would pour down rain for twenty minutes or so at 3:00 PM. When the rain quit the humidity would soar to over 100%, and there was a haze so thick you wouldn't believe it. All that rain hitting the red hot pavement, you see.

    I still like Florida. You can live real cheap down there and no one bothers you. Coconuts are always free, and I love coconuts. Oranges and citrus get tree ripened and are indescribably delicious. And, really, the people are pretty nice. Surviving a hurricane or two and being neighborly when you can makes a real difference.