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Thursday, 12 October 2017


Welp - chalk up another win for the proggies and multiculturalism.

Sorry about the link to the Glob & Snail, folks. Like most of Canada's few remaining mainstream media outlets - it's a liberal chit rag in terminal decline but occasionally they post stuff of relevance.

At breakfast, in the glass-towered city of Vancouver, five-year-old Abigail looks glumly at her half-eaten bowl of cereal.
"What is it, honey?" I brush the bangs back from her face.
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  1. The kid probably wishes she wasn't white because she knows the "people of color" are going to get a full ride at the university of their choice, while she'll have the honor of paying their way...

    Down here, if a Yank from Texas (or wherever) wants to go to a California university, he has to pay non-resident (read: HOLY SHYTE! expensive) tuition. An illegal immigrant from Texas (or wherever), on the other hand, gets in-state tuition, and most likely a free ride on the taxpayer's buffalo. This is after stealing someone else's identity (you can't register a kid for school without a Social Security number), and riding "public assistance" their entire lives.

    My wife, a naturalized citizen of the U.S, said to me "Why did I bother taking that oath? I would have had more rights as an illegal!"

    ...I had no answer...

    1. What horse chit, eh?

      Had I not been banned for life from posting at the Glob And Snail, I would tell this poor, befuddled mommy that if she won't take pride in herself, the kids won't take pride in themselves either.
      As for California - they need about 5 ten gigaton nukes dropped on the San Andreas fault, and a good firm push into the Atlantic.
      I wonder if the lower mainland of BC would go with it? If so that would be a bonus. :)