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Thursday, 26 October 2017

It's Dawg Christmas

It must be Big Garbage Day.

People are putting out old mattresses, broken furniture and other stuff with the regular garbage. And of course the damned dawgs wanted to stop and smell it all! Mort wanted to pee on some of it, Macey wanted to open garbage bags to see if there was any good stuff and our walk took twice as long as usual.

I was hoping one of you would leave an old lawn mower out - if you rip off the engine and flip the lower deck - you can improvise a handy backyard forced draft forge out of them.

Hook the old lady's hair dryer up to it - and you got red hot iron, baby!
Even Firehand over at the Elm Tree Forge would
have to be impressed.

Maybe next year Filthie's Smithy will happen. I wonder if dawgs have their own Santa Claus or they just use ours. 


  1. I like that forge, if you get real lucky they will throw out the blade that makes knives.

  2. I never even thought of that! You're schooled in the manly prepper arts, Sunny - do you do any black smithing?

    I would love to try it...