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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Mama's Boys

Stuff like this seems to go in spurts. Somebody loses a loved one - and then everyone else does too at roughly the same time. Or maybe it's a great day out and everyone is in good cheer. Right now it is us poor hapless old slobs coping with our elderly mothers. Ya see the same thing on the road: somebody's having a bad day and driving like an enraged a-hole - and next thing ya know they're all driving like morons.

Last weekend we went to Mom & Pops and it was the shits. Mom and I are increasingly at odds. Back in the day she and Gramma played shitty, vicious head games with each other and now I think Mom figures it's my turn. She'll throw out some cutting, offhand remark, or goad me into fighting about the stupidest stuff and then laugh at me as I chimp out in rage. Last time I got up and left. My poor wife was so embarrassed as was Pop. And my mom sat there smirking, pleased as punch with herself. Afterward I was so damned mad you could feel the heat from 5 feet away! She had goaded me into making an ass of myself! Again! Sigh. I suppose it doesn't take much.

Of course our manly friends over at The Art Of Manliness have all the answers on how to deal with shitty, feral women. I stopped reading over there years ago and now I remember why. I suppose the stuff in that article might work with younger moms and sons. And I suppose it would work if the son were as pure as the driven snow and asserting his maturity. I know my limitations and weaknesses because I push them all the time. I am a difficult and contrary man at times too. It's just that that beshitted woman knows my hot buttons and she jumps on them with both feet regularly now. It was all I could do to leave their place last weekend without telling that old bitch where to go and how to get there! She's not old and stupid yet, I don't think... but I can't tell for sure because I am young and stupid and that old bint can still run circles around me in a duel of wits, HAR HAR HAR!!!!

Goddammitalltohell. Why does it have to be a battle? Outside of my wife the women in my life are all fuggin nuts. Their idiot men bow down to them and take it and they get pissed at me too when I refuse.

But the good news is that there's always the big kids around going through the same thing or something similar... and you can go to 'em for helpful advice. BW Bandy, as usual, handles such things with grace and skill: good cheer, small battles, easily won, easily forgotten I think I shall follow his fine example to the letter.

I dunno how to proceed with this. For now I think I will take a break and keep my distance from mom. I think maybe she needs to think a bit and I know I sure as hell do. There's rude jokes to be savoured and enjoyed, there's a pile of rifle work - and as always - dawgs to be tortured and tormented. One of my favourite gunslingers on YouTube has a saying that should be a cornerstone of our psyche: Life Is Good.

Have a great Tuesday y'all.


  1. easy. stay away from her!
    she may be losing the brain a bit but the bad habits are not lost.
    they seem to be hardwired in.
    if you want to see your dad invite him to the range with you.
    and don't talk about your mother to him. that way he gets a day off from her. [sounds like he needs one].

    he might mention to her doc that a brain scan might be good, and one of those tests which picture your blood flow.
    my mom had evidence of a long standing series of transient ischemic attacks, alzheimer's, and age-related brain shrinkage.
    no wonder she wasn't up to scratch.
    good for your dad to get the same set of tests, too.
    just a thought.
    if nettles sting you don't walk through them. simple simple.
    avoid avoid.

  2. With me it was my father. He never wanted children, and he damned sure didn't want a child like me. His father wasn't any better. My relationship with either of them didn't improve until I wrote them off and stopped seeing them. After a few months, they both started to treat me with common courtesy and respect. I also wouldn't sit around and be verbally abused or coerced into something I didn't want to do. I simply got up and left, several times in the middle of dinner.

    You don't invite someone into your home and then treat them poorly. It isn't good behavior, and I refused to allow either of them to get away with it.

    'nuff said.