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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Rebels And Mutineers

I've written of the feud between my daughter and myself in these pages before. I'm not going to do it again,  bodies and corpses are meant to be buried and stay buried.

This morning at the shop I went in to make my rounds and check on things and my new manager, Big Al - was having himself a weapons grade kiniption. His son is 18, was looking for a job and so we put him to work as a tech which is a pretty menial position in the company. And given that the company is in decline and no longer appreciates its employees - the kid has been going for over a year without a raise. He finally lost patience with the company and put in his notice - and his father is ready to kill him. He doesn't have another job lined up, he's got some funds saved and figures he can afford to flip off the company and be done with it.

His dad is livid and figures he should at least have another job to go to, and of course, he (Al) looks bad because he went to bat for his son to get him the job in the first place. They got into a big barn burner of a fight and now the boy won't talk to him at all - and he came in late today which also had Big Al foaming at the mouth.

He was still in shock. "My son won't even talk to me, Glen - after all I did for him...". Then Flapz opens up, "Yeah well - that makes three of us. I just learned my daughter is writing me off too..." His sin was that he divorced his wife and is now remarried and the daughter has her nose out of joint about that. But family courts being what they are - Flapz still has to pay for her university expenses while she treats him like chit in return.

Three fathers - three stooges. Our kids are all adults. None of them were beaten, abused or mistreated - but our kids think we're monsters. For me it was something that broke my heart. Big Al might be taking the hit pretty hard too. But fuggin Flapz just shrugs, cracks a rude joke and seems to think nothing of it. "Maybe my kid will do me a favour and get hit by a bus or fall down the stairs, " he quips. We all force ourselves to laugh as if it were funny.

I could see it if we were actually hurting them or guilty of some kind of misconduct, or if they were actually rebelling against something - but it just seems to me that they don't have a purpose, they don't want one, and any attempts to get them to think of building a future for themselves is an act of malice.

They all looked at me to say something and I just looked back at them with the same retarded, befuddled expression and shrugged. I guess kids rejecting their parents is a thing now.


  1. Your situation with your daughter is whatever it is. Pray that it will change.

    Going to work for your father is about the worst mistake you could ever make, unless it's a thriving proprietorship and the son is going to take it over and run it. Otherwise, forget it. Get a job on your own, if for no other reason than no one owes anyone anything.

    The whole divorce business is hard on the kids. The kids loyalty comes into play, and none of them are mature enough to tell the parents that both parents are loved equally (even if that's a lie, because it usually is) and the child refuses to take sides or tattle to one parent on the activities of the other. Can you imagine?

    "Hey Mom, Dad's going out with this girl who's an exotic dancer down at Platinum Showgirls, and she's so hot we had to get a fire insurance rider on the homeowner policy."

    "Hey Dad, Mom's dating this young guy, he's only 24 and has a build like a Greek god. They go to bed early and stay up until three in the morning. I wish they'd keep it down to a dull roar."


    Likely Daddy's little girl feels guilty about the divorce for no good reason, identifies with her nagging witch of a mother, and sees her father's new marriage and happiness as being unfaithful to her mother - who, for reasons that are apparent to everyone who knows her, can't keep a man for longer than it takes for the poor bastard to leave.

    For instance, a good friend of mine's mother passed away suddenly. Two weeks later her father had a new model moved into the house and admitted they'd been seeing each other (naked) for months. She wasn't okay with that.

    You're a good man, Glen Filthie. In about an hour I'll raise my early afternoon martini glass and drink your health.

    1. Sure ya ain't drunk already, Jack? :) I may or may not be a good man, but I sure as hell ain't a bad one. Nor is Flapz or Big Al.
      Our kids aren't 'bad' either. Maybe they're just lost? In Flapz' case - his daughter is over 18. He's still paying her way through university. We aren't talking kids here in his case or mine - hell, my daughter is 32 this year... HFS! But - these are not kids. They are adults...