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Monday, 2 October 2017

Terrorist Attacks in Aaaaaaadmontin...

What a friggin chit show. What a weekend.

Here in Aaaaadmontin, a couple fig farming goat feltchers from the religion of peace chimped out and killed a cop and possibly a couple others. I can't read the headlines because the whole thing offends me to my very core. If a Christian did that, we would have CSIS, the RCMP and pretty much every other law enforcement agency grilling members of the church, their preachers and pastors - and otherwise DOING THEIR JOBS.

But because moslems are involved - it's become a blood dance hoe-down for leftwing lickspittles. Our purple socked swine minister, Turdo La Doo is posturing and yammering about how Canada will not tolerate extremist terrorism.


Local yokes all turned out for the Sob-A-Thon errr... candle light vigil and left teddy bears, flowers, thoughts and prayers at the murder site and all over Twatter. Fat old grey haired shitlib women are yammering about how 'we will NOT be divided' and 'diversity is our strength'.

And in the mosques, the yodelling imams and pooh-bas laugh and semi-covertly go on funding, training and radicalizing their children to kill yours.


And now you Yanks are getting shot up again, and the usual idiots are yammering about gun control. These are truly evil times, and evil walks the earth. I am taking steps to protect myself and you should too.

God bless and take care.


  1. friend of ours worked in the elementary school for 37 years. after 2 incidents she quit. she has been asked to return but will not.

    first incident- the new 'game' among kindergarten and 1st grade boys is to trip the teacher.

    one i know was purposely tripped and broke her arm in several places. her elbow will never be fully usable again.

    our friend taught kindergarten in another school.
    one of the little boys had planned to trip our friend.

    the second incident, which was the last straw, was a little moslem girl asked our friend a question. in bending over to answer, our friend's cross became visible.
    the moslema said, 'what's that?'. our friend told her and the moslema [5 or 6 years old] said, with great contempt and sneering, 'we are going to kill you all and take over.'
    our friend quit immediately.

    the moslems are not kidding. they are deadly serious.
    how to wake up the idiot masses who think it is kindness to take the snakes into our bosom and give them a chance at life liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
    WAKE UP!!!

    1. If I had it to do over again, my kid would be home or private schooled. We need the strap back in the schools, and we need ignorant vibrants and ethnics to have separate classrooms. That little girl should have been spanked or strapped for sure.