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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Back To The 80's

I sometimes forget how bad the 80's actually were. The ladies did okay with their designer jeans and tailored outfits but fashion wasn't kind at all to us guys. Remember the mullet...? Gah!

Needless to say, nothing was sacred for these edgy guys, and so it was they crucified one of my childhood heroes without remorse or mercy. I couldn't help but laugh at this guy.

I am probably the only guy in the world that never liked Robin Williams. I found him to be talentless and unfunny, much like Woody Allen. I would have fired them both out of a cannon for two bits and given you change, HAR HAR HAR!!!

Robin Williams should have been shot for this.

The 80's was a time when we started fixing things that weren't broke - as we did with our childhood cartoons. There's a time and a place to leave things alone because they can't be improved upon - and any effort to try will only make them worse.

Here is Popeye The Sailor, the Hamburger Fiend, and the Irresistible Damsel starring in a flawless 1936 rendition of "Sinbad The Sailor". 

It's okay - be a kid again. Tell the boss I said it's alright! And have a great Tuesday.  :)

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