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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Blue Birds Of Happiness

These blue birds of happiness won't fly up your nose, 
but they're liable to drop one down your shorts if ya piss them off!

The Blue Angels are swabbies, right? Up here in Canada our show offs precision flying team is the Snowbirds. They fly trainers. Planes that look like something the Velcro Shoe Gang at my RC airplane club might fly - that is probly them in the background in the pic above. Screw them - I wanna see heavy metal at the air shows - I LOVE fighter planes.

Gotta say I'm really disappointed in my favourite service people on this issue - the United States Green Bean Fuggin Marines! They should have their own team too. What would they fly? Probly fully loaded out Warthog A10's ... and likely as not they'd probably unload on the crowd for gits and shiggles, HAR HAR HAR!!!

A gratuitous pic of my favourite military bird. If Mohammed Ali floats like
a butterfly and stings like a bee, it could be said that
the A10 flies like a pig, and I dunno
how the rest of that one would go...

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