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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Breakfast At Jack's...

Hmpfffff! I got an invite for Sunday Brunch at Mad Jack's place and everything was going swimmingly: all the li'l retards were behaving themselves and getting most of their food into their mouths and we had one minor food fight. Once we sorted that out and got back to our meal, Jack started choking and gagging and the next thing ya know - the old bastid dies right there at the breakfast table! How bloody rude is that?!?!

Ya think somebody poisoned him? One of my vicious tards, maybe? This is a job for Captain Sweatpants - The Crime Fighting Velcro Shoe Detective!

At first glance, nothing suspicious.
Can you spot the clue?
The murderer slipped.

Do I have to do everything for ya??? Where is Jack's whisky? A Texan? Breakfast without Bourbon or Whisky? Was it poisoned and then removed from the crime scene during the confusion? Or is some of the food tainted as well?

The game is afoot! I call dibs on the steak and the tater!

YOU have a good Sunday - take the old lady out for brunch! That's an order! :)

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