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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Cats Get Christmas

They totally understand it. Mine would open gifts early, knock the ornaments off or walk around the house with strands of tinsel hanging out of their arses. That is our public service announcement for the day - if you have cats - don't put tinsel on the tree! Cats think that if it's shiny, and can be eaten - then it SHOULD be eaten. I am at a loss to explain why Darwin did not dispense with them eons ago.


  1. I was at a bar in Savannah, Georgia about twenty years ago, and they had their tree "erected" in just such a fashion. I'm glad my kids didn't see it. It would have bolstered their arguments that Christmas gifts just "fell from the sky."

    BTW: I saw your comment on TB's blog about "crapping out." What you did is all any of us can do. The world has lost its rhythm. Best to let God be the drummer...

  2. you are kidding. our cats would set up housekeeping in that tree.

    1. I suppose you're right. Cats are fiendishly inventive.