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Thursday, 9 November 2017

Empowered Women, Alberta Style

Gah. At least Hillary tried to do her make up and comb her

I caught the whole shebang over at Small Dead Animals. Ol' Rach is looking a little rough around the edges these days. She's Alberta's premier and like most socialists, she is a career snivel servant. She is a former public school teacher as are most of her cronies. It's scary to think that people like this are allowed to teach children. The late Uncle Bob used to say that "public schools should be burned to the ground, with the teachers trapped inside - and afterward, the earth upon which they stood should be salted..." Rach is powerful evidence of the correctness of Bob's position.

Minus all the drama I see two issues here: first, the eeeeeevil Christians want the freedom to teach their own kids about stuff like same-sex marriage, homosexuality and probably regular healthy sexuality too. Marxists obviously don't want people thinking for themselves on subjects like these, as most of them are degenerates and perverts themselves and hate the church with the heat of 1000 suns.

Also a big part of it - but carefully not said - is the fact that homeschoolers and private schools are producing students that can wipe the academic mat with publicly schooled kids. Most parents would be horrified at how dumbed down our public school curriculums have become. As a man that tutored his own daughter I can tell you that if your kid is failing at school - the problem probably isn't the child - it's either you, the teacher, or both. They won't tell you that, of course. It's easier to blame a child for his failures than it is for a parent to admit his - and no way will a union slob take responsibility or go the extra mile to solve a problem. Homeschoolers and private schools make Rach and her gals look bad - and we can't have that!!!! The fact is our teacher's unions are out of control and they have a choke-hold on our provincial gubbimint. They are going to do to us what we've done to our kids - and it'll serve us right in a lot of cases.

I will let Uncle Bob speak for me on matters pertaining to public schools, their teachers and their unions. When it comes to matters of morality and ethics - there is no way on earth I would let any snivel servant have the last word on teaching them to my kids. As a father of a militant lesbian social justice warrior and an adult cry-bully - I can tell you honestly that the Christians have the right of this. My opposition to the left's sexual degeneracy is rooted in common sense, health and wellness. These trannies and queers are not nice people, and they aren't healthy or happy. Most are miserable and unhappy - and they want to spread it to others as much as possible. I have no time for them anymore.

But - now that I'm an old fart... none of this is my problem. It's pretty clear that I will be looking after myself when I am 75 because our kids probably won't be able to look after themselves, never mind their geriatric parents. HAR HAR HAR! My retirement will probably be a quart of whisky, a fine cigar and a Colt .45! HAR HAR HAR!!! (I am leaving all my worldly assets to Quartermain so you guys can have a party when I'm gone (and please don't let Jack or Pete defile my corpse(and I peed in one of the bottles in my liquor cabinet - you guess which one, HAR HAR HAR!!!)))

While our leaders have all gone effin nuts - it doesn't mean we have to. Keep yer stick on the ice and have a good Thursday.


  1. here the national spelling bee and the math olympiad are won by homeschoolers.
    veteran teachers, who cannot wait to retire, tell me how nonacademic are the student teachers they are assigned.
    the party is almost over.
    also a couple of retired teachers i know left because one was attacked and terribly injured by a grade schooler and one was threatened by a 6 year old moslem girl with death, 'we are going to kill all of you' she said. 6 years old!
    if it is bad in elementary school how bad is it in the higher grades?

  2. The only good teachers I know personally, Deb, both took early retirement too. One was my principal in junior high school. I wasn't behaving myself so rather than strapping me he just told my dad and I got my attitude adjusted that way. I was a good kid going bad and had he just sat back and watched I'd probably be in jail or working at McDonald's. The other was my Phys Ed teacher who worked with that principal. When the principal retired they brought in a fat ugly lesbian to replace him - and he took early retirement too. He said our schools have literally become animal factories.

    I personally think the NDP are headed to the trash can in the next election, and not a moment too soon.

  3. I come from a long line of school teachers. My mother taught high school (1970s) and retired early because she couldn't deal with the students anymore. My grandmother taught grade school for 30 years, and in all that time she only paddled 3 students. I watched her teach and those children learned, and they learned in a quiet, orderly fashion. My great-grandmother taught in a one room school house; she had 11 students from ages 5 to 17. The younger ones were always wanting to do what the older ones were doing, so they all got an education. The boys were courteous, and these were boys who chopped cordwood with an ax everyday before school.

    The problem with home schooling is for some parents it's an ideal situation, but others have no business teaching anything to anyone. Given that, I believe that the majority of home schooled children are above scholastic averages.

    I know a few retired public school teachers. One was a principal, and his final year at high school he told his teachers that this year's goal was to finish the year without someone getting shot. Nice, huh?

    In the US of A, public school teachers are unable to get a performance raise, and that's just plain wrong. There was a famous (infamous?) case in NYC where a teacher fell into disfavor with the principal and was banished to the basement, there to teach the discipline problems no one else could handle. Long story short, he taught them debate. They came in second in the State. One boy, by the way, had a black accent so thick that another student had to interpret for him. By the time they competed, all the students could speak English. That man is worth his weight in c-notes.

    If I'm cursed, I'll live another 20 years or so. Long enough to see a tangible impact of the failure of our public school system. Half the people will be functionally illiterate.

    Oh well. Pass the gin.

    1. The problem is, Jack, that when your teachers retired, their work ethics and professionalism died with them. The teacher's unions reward seniority, rather than merit. What kind of 'professional' bargains collectively in this day and age?
      I personally think the first step in getting public education back on track involves busting the unions, and housecleaning - getting rid of the old dead wood.

      The teachers I know all make great money, they get two months off a year, and they aren't treated all that badly. That's just my experience, the good ones won't bother with public ed and the bad ones can't be turfed.