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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Friday Filtharmonic Pops

It's been a long week up at Ft. Mac. Things seem to be picking up a bit, my spies whisper of possible projects and work in the next year but who knows - they could be full of beans. Whatever - I am tired and ready to go home and the drive promises to be a crapper. Got freezing rain and the roads could be treacherous so who knows - I'll be going slow.

I will leave you with some wonderful music today, dredged up and served with a smile by the musical retards of Uncle Bob's School For Wayward Boys N' Rejects. Everyone could use some cultural improveMINT dontchya know.

Quartermain does London - good n' hard with his
improvised Garbage Orchestra.

Girlie! DON'T!!!!
Aw shit. Once ya give 'em money it only encourages 'em,
and the next thing ya know the streets fulla
retards and brass...

The first musician that I saw using repeaters this well was
KT Tunstall. This clipper does all right with 'em

All these folks like to get snobbish about their musical talent but there is no real cause for them to put on airs. Making beautiful music is easy - as our friends from Australia show. Let the Axis of Awesome dumb it down a bit and reduce it all - to a mere four chords.

Have a good Friday.


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