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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Get Out Your Candles And Teddy Bears Everyone!

Time for another candle light vigil, where the usual sanctimonious f-tards tweet out about how we will not be divided and love trumps hate and the usual leftist shitbaggery. That was the only headline in my daily newsfeed about it: Trump Demands Extreme Vetting.

Uh-huh. "Ohhhhhh that awful, awful racist!!!!"

Yesterday I got the very hell of it from Brent at work. He's a former bank manager that came to work with us a few more years before he was ready to retire. He's there to keep his hands busy, he's a nice guy - but he is a shitlib all the way. He came by my desk yesterday to brag and gloat about how Trump is going to jail over this Russian thing the Donks are going on about. I just shrugged and said I'll believe it when I see it. Far as I know the Hildebeest is in bed with the Russians much more than Trump was but whadda I know? I don't trust any of those vipers, and I sure as hell don't believe anything I see in the media anymore. THAT sent Brent into a hissy fit! "The New York Times is one of the most prestigious news agencies because of their honesty and integrity...." and he was serious.

I couldn't help it - I just started laughing and poor old Brent lost his mud! "Nobody's going to jail, Brent. If Bill Clinton can rape interns in the oval office, lie about it, and get away with it, if Hillary Clinton can lose thousands of sensitive documents and emails on illegal servers... you can bet Trump or any of his pals will go to jail either...". Brent stormed off in a rage.

Brent's a nice guy and I took no pleasure in any of that afterward. Everything's political now, and it seems to me that the more poisonous the liberal ideology becomes - the more they demand and insist that everyone drink it. Even up here in Canada people are a hair away from having serious fights about it.

Have yourselves a very non-political Humpday.


  1. Hitlery and her cronies tried to railroad Trump into jail, and his popularity soared. No, Trump is not going to jail.

    President Bill Clinton (old Slick Willie) was impeached and shouldn't have been. He got caught chasin' tail in the doublewide at 1600, Hitlery tried to bean him with an ash tray, and whole sordid business should have remained private. What Bill Clinton should have told those witch hunters was that it was none of their business, and anyone who wanted to try and make it his business could step out back and get in line. Those damned old stoats.

    Morally, Bill Clinton is an absolute pig. At the same time he's very bright and made a good president in many ways.

    Trump was never in bed with the Russians, and probably knew Vlad Putin on a first name basis before he took office. Think: The man is a billionaire with international businesses. It's very likely he'd already met the world leaders before he took office, and if there were certain world leaders who didn't want to see Trump in office, it's because they sat down at a negotiation table with him and lost.

    Sign old Brent up for the GOP party. Slip a sawbuck into an envelope and include his home address, tell 'em thinking of moving to the U.S. Get him all spun up.

    And while I'm at it, how's the job hunt going?

    1. I'm obsolete WL - maybe as much as Brent at work is. Like him I regard myself as a man of principle and that crap with Monica? There's a code of conduct that goes with some professions and jobs - and I think ol' Blow Job Bill went way over the line. The Oldest Profession is what it is because it is an excellent way to compromise men of power. He should have been above that - they all should have.
      About the only thing I ever respected Wilhelm Von Blowjob for was his 'don't ask, don't tell' about faggotry in the military. It should be like that everywhere: when you are on the clock you keep it in your pants and everyone keeps their hands to themselves. As it is we are making homosexuality and transvestitism fashionable mental illnesses.

      Job hunting is going slow. I've had a couple interviews with pikers looking for slave labour but I am too old and smart to bite. If I have to bail out I won't be out of work long but for now I can afford to be picky.

      Hey - where's my sequel to Murder One? I am getting impatient and am considering a stern note to the publisher! ;)