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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How To Score With Women

A picture tells a thousand words but does nothing for 
the sense of smell.
Let us give thanks.

I dunno who's worst - women or old men. Today I screeched into the parking lot like the Dukes Of Hazzard, tumbled out of my truck and ran for the public crappers with my bladder about to explode. I went in - and was hit by a solid wall of STINK that literally left me senseless for a few seconds. I staggered over to the urinal, did my business - and the old geezer responsible for the reek came shambling out of his stall and stirred up the stench even more. I couldn't even stay long enough to wash my hands. I nearly suffocated as I tried to escape...

I think I have PTSD now. I will never be rid of the stench of death and excrement again. The horror.

The horror....

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